Dear Friends, I have been off line but I am back now

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, May 1, 2006.

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    My couputer was running to slow and my husband had it fixed. But it seems like is has been for ever since I have shared how I am doing with you all.

    I am OK , that means not so great but not so bad. I am having some really severe leg cramps that have been hitting me with HUGE KNOTS in my thigh and calves and my knees. I didn't know your knees could cramp but they do or mine do. I have been trying to get more exercise in my life and that is not much.

    I have been just walking the width of my house. Not very far but for me it is a long way. I have found that I can't walk through a grocery store with out a cart to hold on to so that I can lean on it. But with in a few moments my knees are acheing and feeling like they have lead weights inside them. If I stand for a few minutes my knees lock up and I feel like when I go to step forward I am going to fall. Not a good feeling.

    So when I go to walmart I use the electric carts and for the most part they work well. I do have a problem with some of them as they are older and the ride is not smooth and I feel every bump that in that cart and by gthe time I am done shopping my back has started to spasam and the PAIN is so bad that I am almost in tears. And it is so hard to stand up from the cart . My knees just don't want to work right and straighten up when they should. They creek and groan more than a old barn door.

    And for some starnge reason my left wrist that I shattered almost 2 years ago is giving me fits. AFter typing for just a few moments my wrist is hurting really bad and is sending me shooting pains up the arm and the wrist is buring and stinging me deeply. I don't know why it does this.But I will ask my doctor when I see her this week.

    And if I don't have enough problems I have a rash on my hand , it is like the skin has dryed up and will start to peel up and when I pull the old dead skin off I sometimes pull to much and bleed. I have gotten some cream for this but after two months of using this cream it is not gone. But has not gotten much worse. But it is really annoying as it starts to itch and burn and that is when I start to see the dry skin and start to strach it and well you know the rest.

    So I don't really know it this is the right stuff to be usuing . It is a perscription but I was hoping it would be gone by now. I don't know if I need to see a dermatologist about this or not? Any suggestions?

    I am starting to hurt deep in my back so I better stop and take my meds. I keep getting off the schedule the PA put me on . AS dumb as it sounds I forget about taking it thinking that I really don't hurt that much now I will go take it in a few minutes and then I will do some things around the house and start to hurt but I have not brought my meds upstairs.

    My knees are hurting so instead of going down stairs and getting them I will lay down and start to read thinking that I will distreact my self and suddenly I am dozinf off once more and I still ache but it is like I am dreaming of it and I have a hard time waking my self up so I can go get my meds. You would think I would learn wouldn't you? I sometimes think that I have lost my brain and I don't remember like I should.

    I know better but my brain has holes in it. And the knowledge I have leaks out .
    I know that this is not true but I do have a bit of fibrofog when it comes to remembering to take my meds. I will take them when I really hurt and then it takes so long to get the pain undercontrol so you would think I would learn that I NEED to take the pills on time.
    This is something I need to work on.
    So OFF to take my night time meds and go to bed.

    I have missed you alot. I will write later.

    HUGS TO ALL, Rosemarie
  2. 69mach1

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    i hope life gets better for us all...

    do you have pins in your wrist? is possibly an allergic reaction to the unprofessional dx...i think it would get infected if it were...don't know..

    well take care


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