Dear Getridof

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    Please tell me more about you that I can put a direction to my prayers.

    I feel a strong need to pray for you. And I am doing so.

    For now I pray the Jesus just pick you up and hold you in his big loving arms. Dear Lord you are the only one that can make sence of our mixed up lives. We blame ourselves and it is evil just having a field day with our emotions. I thankyou for always being here for us and taking care of us. Getridof needs you so please be there and let him know how much you love him and will always love him. I ask this in Your loving Name, Amen.
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    Dear Dejovu,
    It's so good to read your message. I'm very sad and confused at the moment. Anxiety keeps attacking me.

    I feel hurt about my work path. I 'm now doing free-lance basis job. Two or three days a week. Sometimes none. Income is SUPER low. I used to be a painter in the design field (full-time with extra free-lance, earned pretty good, but this happened before my age of 25, you can read my profile to know what happened after). Now what I call the free-lance job, is mainly delivery jobs and some proof-reading at a design company. Sometimes I'm lucky to do a few illustrations (but RARELY). It's so hard to get a drawing-based job here nowadays. I used to change my job to a different field to work as a junior laboratory technician, but it didn't last long, it's such a different world.

    I'm now 37. In the local culture, I'm quite "OLD" to get a proper job. Employers like hiring young people. I always think I'll stuck at this "a few dollars per hour free lance job" forever. I feel my dignity is fading minute by minute. This causes a lot of problems, I dare not to meet any old friends (they're all successful now), I'm so afraid to hear someone ask me'"How're you doing?","Have you ever considered to get a soul mate/marriage?" I want to attend school again but I can't afford the tuition fee........make it simple, I'm stuck and lost, definitely a loser in life.

    I can only make friends here on this board. I blame myself for not getting a solution. And I feel sinful all the time that I always doubt my situation is not bad enough to get any hints from God.

    Thank you for your warm prayer Dejovu. I'll also pray for you and other members. please pray for Pepper, Kriket as well.
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    I'm not here to preach or anything like that. It just sounds like you could use a friend.

    Sometimes long distance friends are easier to talk to. You sound so alone and no one should be that alone.

    You have a disorder and that isn't anything to be ashamed of. All of us here have something. That is what brought us here.

    I do understand your's from personal experience. But you also have a talent that I can relate to. I love to paint and when I can't I use my camera to express myself.

    So I would like to suggest a friendship and maybe some healing and understanding will come from it.

    God holds my hand and he leads me in my path. He has led me to write to you and I don't know why but I trust him.

    As for what the rest of the world thinks.....who cares, they have their own issues. I deal with mine in faith and it suits me quit fine.

    Trust your faith not what the world thinks. It will keep you happy, where as the worldly things will only let you down.

    I will be praying for you, be strong and let me know whats going on in your life. A friend in Christ. De
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    I believe many of us can identify with at least one of your problems. I wish that we had solutions. In life there always seem to be more difficulties than answers.

    I can't even think to tell you how to begin. I will continue to pray for you.
  5. getridof

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    Thanks for your response. And I thank Dejovu to start this topic for me.

    I keep reading all the replies to my message (title is "helpless"), they all can supply some hope to me.