Dear Granni:

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    You are so sweet and caring! How I love you for it.

    I talked to D this afternoon and she talked toi her D. GD had called her brother that night and talked and talked to him. She has such a sweet way about her and she apparently said the right things. He called dhis Mom this AM to thank her for cdoming to see him!!!! The had a short visit which was wonderful!

    He has a full full plate this year. Besides the breakup,i he was accepted to Physicians Assistant School. It is terrifically difficult this year. They work on cadavers and he gets to see open hearts and he dearily lov es it but there is night and night for study.

    Parents live clear across Mich., a 2-3 hr. drive. His sister and family live more than 7 hrs. away in the Chicago area as does his brother. The distance is difficult. D calls him every AM and talks to hi8m.

    Also he has been hurt by the girl plus his cousin.i When they were tiny we called them the little boys as they both had bigger brothers. That name, "the little boys" stuck all through growing rup. The other little boy is bheing married this Aug. and has asked 8 other friends to be in the4 wedding.; His heart was broken as was his parents', sister, and us!!!

    His sister plans to keep close touch with him via phone which will help - won't feel so alone.

    His Mom is getting an appt. for him with home Dr. soon.

    God Bless you Granni, Marilyn, for you love and caring.

    Gentle Hugs,


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