Dear Harmony and all you great people on this board

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    Dear Harmony, thank you for your prayers for Ryan, yes he is a good kid, alot of the parents at the school labled him the bad kid, and of course my Marcus found him, he has always gone for the under dogs, or I should say the ones people lable the under dogs(I just love that about him)we have had 5 friends of Marcus's live with us through the years, at first we was hesitent, but now when he comes to us, we just say yes Marcus they can stay.
    Well anyways (sorry proud mama came in)Marcus brang Ryan home, him with his baggy bell bottoms, gothic look, and Marcus introduced us and since I have been a mother of such great teenagers, I have learned, do not judge a book by its cover, so I started talking to him and come to find out, he works, he is putting school aside just for now and he is supporting his grandparents who raised him, nobody else has stepped up to the plate out of this family besides this 19 year old young man!
    he is very respectfull, well mannered and a all around good kid, he just looks a little
    I just wanted to thank everybody on this board for doing what you do, I am amazed with folks like you, you have so much problems in your own life, but you still take the time to give your heart to so many others!!! I was not brought up with any religion, the only time we went to church was with our nana and that wasnt that often since my dad was in the air force and we traveled all over the place, dont get me wrong, I believe in god and I pray to him all the time and I try to live my life as a good and decent person, I have always volunteered my time for my community, if for no other reason then that it is in my blood it is just me, but I am still trying to find a church to belong to, but until I accomplish that I want to say this is a good forum for me to express my love for the lord and to experienc the lords good work through such wonderfull people like you!!!!!
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    You and Marcus have exemplified a true example of love in your life by helping Ryan and excepting him in your home. Now he has shown that love to his grandfather. I am happy to have prayed for him.
    God uses different means to show himself to us and can teach us and bring us closer to Him in many ways. I'm glad this worship board is a blessing to you as it is to me. He is always with us which is comforting to know. God bless you and your family!
    Love and prayers,