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    i wanted to say hi i read what you wrote to sarah 010 not trying to pry but does you sister also live in canada i was thinking of trying to apply again got the pappers to do so but if this is what are goverment does and make you take what ever drug they give and spy on you i think it is not whorth it thank you ps love your pic
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    Yes, my sister lives in Canada. She got compensation first and then disability. I don't like to discourage you from trying to get disability but it's not easy getting it with fms . If you decide to try for it it's very important to find the right MD, someone who knows how to fill out a disability claim . My sister went to a physiatrist( not to be confused with psychiatrist) who was very knowledgible re fms and filling out the claims for disability. He helped her get it. As I mentioned in my other post, they don't make it easy for you to stay on disability, if you get it at all. Unfortunately people who fake disabilities have made it difficult for folks with legit disabilities.
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    thank you jaysea for replaying i do not know what to think i am not great in the winter but in the spring and summer i try and garden and you know how dry it was last year all the watering we had to do oh well thank you