"Dear Jesus"

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    Dear JESUS,

    "Why Did You Do This?"

    Dear JESUS,

    The SON Of The Living GOD.

    YOU Came To This Earth For One Reason

    & One Reason Alone.

    To Take The World Of All Sins Upon Yourself,

    And Die As A Man So We May Be Forgiven.

    YOU Felt The Pain,

    YOU Experienced All The Temptations Which

    Satan Could Throw At YOU,

    And So Much More.. Yet YOU Were Strong.

    Dear JESUS,

    I Still Wonder, Why Did You Do This For

    me & for all men. Help me To Understand.

    Dear JESUS,

    I Understand That YOU Knew Me Even Then.

    Before I Was Ever Born, YOU Knew Me.

    That Being A Fact. I Am Really Confused

    More Than Ever. Because With All The Wrong

    I Have Done In My Short Time On This Earth,

    I Did Not Deserve The Gift You Gave.

    ~The Gift OF Life~

    Dear JESUS,

    It Breaks My Heart To Know That I Was

    The Reason YOU Had To Suffer & Die.


    YOU Sacrificed It All To Save MY Soul &

    The Souls Of All Mankind.

    YOU Loved Us All That Much.

    YOU Loved Me That Much...

    Dear JESUS,

    I Say, I Am thankful For The Gift Of Life..

    just thankful ?? We All Say It.. Don't We ?

    "Blessed Are Those Who Believe
    And Have Not Seen"

    My Faith Is As Small As A Mustard Seed.

    With That Much Faith I Can Move Mountains.

    I Don't Want To Move A Mountain LORD.

    I Just Want To Be Worthy Of YOUR Gift.

    To Be Worthy Of YOUR Love.

    That's IT,... That's Why...

    It's All About LOVE !

    Dear JESUS,

    Please Let My Small Bit Of Faith Be Enough To Get Me Through The Gates Of HEAVEN.

    If Not, Satan Will Have A Problem.

    Why ?

    Because He Sure Won't Enjoy Hearing Me

    Praise The Name Of JESUS

    For All Eternity.

    Dear JESUS,

    Thank You For Loving Me.

    I Truly Am Thankful.

    p.s. Dear JESUS, I Love YOU Too.

    Written By:
    Preacher Alan Holden