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  1. A while back you wrote to me about getting FMLA time off to be there for my Mom who has Alzheimers. Well let me tell you what's been going on re: FMLA. First of all I submitted the form that her Dr. at the Nursing Home filled out. I mailed it to my employer the United States Postal Service, and it was mailed back to me incomplete....not accepted.

    What happened was the Dr. filled out every question on the form with...Patient needs are taken care of by the nursing staff,24/7. Their was a question which asked how my presence would benefit her and he wrote, "Occassional visits and to give psychological support to the patient and maintain well being. First of all, the visits are not occasional. I visit every other day after I get off from work in the evening. He doesn't know this as he is there during the day when I am at work. I can't visit during the day because I am working during the day and don't get off from work until 6pm.

    Because he didn't fill the form to benefit me but to their benefit it was returned to me. Today before I went in to work overtime on my day off I went over to the nursing home with a new form and left in the mailbox of the Social Worker.

    When I got home from work their was a message on my answering macine from the Soc.Worker stating that he would call me tomm. at work because the Dr. wants to speak to me about the filing out of the form. From the tone of his voice on my answering machine it didn't sound favorable and I feel the Dr. will not comply with the way I want him to fill out the form. All that I am the asking the Dr. is to write down that in the event(God Forbid)Mom should have a stroke, heart attack, or whatever and has to be transported from the nursing home to hosp. that I have to take time off to be there for her.

    He feels that he cannot write this down on the FMLA form. If I need to take time off in such event my employer may put me on restriction if I am not FMLA protected. I cannot understand why this Dr. cannot comply with filling this form out the approriate way. I am at my ropes end, and then to top it all Mom would call 911 and be taken to the Emer. Room when she was left alone when my brother went to work before she went into the nursing home. Now I am getting bills stating that her deductibles were not paid. I had to call my bank and get copies of 2 checks to mail to a delinquent company sending me notices. How much more of this stress can I take. My brothers do not help me at all with Mom. I have done everything from getting POA, health care proxy,and having Mom placed in the nursing home all by myself. Mom's sister was not of any help either and she doesn't work. Never offered to come to NY from Fla where she lives to help all.

    If you have any sugggestions please let me know. Please pray that I don't crack-up with all of the stress I am having to deal with lately. Any suggestion or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all for praying for Mom in my previous posts.God Bless everyone on this Worship Site and may everyone be helped by our Lord God Almighty.Helena

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