"Dear Lord, Help Me" .......... A Fibro Poem

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    "Dear Lord, Help Me"

    by Nikki Duren
    (written on July 7, 2004)

    Lost in myself, pity, self doubt, that is how my day began.
    How would I get through another day, feeling all alone?
    That is when through my tears, I cried, "Dear Lord, help me."
    My three year old came and sat by my side, patted me on the back.
    The sweetest voice I'd ever heard said "Mommy He will."
    That is when I realized the thorns I have to bear are never more
    than I can handle, and God really does care.
    He sent a little light into my dark world, that day, He was there.
    I praise Him for the crosses I now have to carry, for I know that
    He is there beside me, whatever come what may.
    I will fight this fight with Him, never again alone.
    Until that day I look up and say, " Dear Lord, help me."
    He smiles and knows I can take no more, that's when with
    the voice of an Angel I will be called home.

  2. sisland

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    Poem Janet! thanks for posting it! Very close to how i feel alot!,,,,,,I'm sure it's close to how we all feel,,,,,,,Hugs!,,,,,,Sis

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