Dear Lord

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    This is to all of my friends on these boards...

    Dear Lord, I am really hurting, and my heart is filled with fear.
    Your mercy I am questioning, and doubts are lingering near.
    I've reached the end of every dream and every shattered hope,
    And find that with this avalanche of problems I can't cope.

    My pillow drips with sorrow as my tears flow all night through,
    While I have lost the confidence and joy that I once knew.
    I feel alone and desperate, so Lord, please help me find
    A message from Your Word to calm my fears and ease my mind.

    I read that You'll supply my need, and close by me You'll stay,
    And You will give me all the strength I need for each new day.
    You tell me all my fears and sorrows I can bring to You,
    And as I talk to You in prayer, Your love will shine anew.

    There are so many promises Your Work to me has shown,And as I read I gain the power to claim them as my own.
    Please, Lord forgive my lack of faith, and help me never stray
    Beyond the shadow of Your grace, or from Your hand away.

    I thank You for the depths of Your great love, and for Your care,
    And for my home in Heaven and the place You now prepare.
    Please help me to be ready when You come to claim Your bride,
    As we arise to reign with You, forever by Your side

    Written By: Betty Jo Mings

  2. Harmony

    Harmony New Member

    Thanks so much! I needed that. You are very thoughtful.
    Love, Harmony

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