Dear Madwolf - an adrenal question please

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    My Adrenal Stress Test (saliva) done in 1999 showed Stage 3 adrenal failure.
    I did nothing for this except take extra vitamin B5 for a couple of months. (A conventional Endo convinced me the ASI was bunk).
    My serum cortisol back then was 18, and a 24 hr. urine cortisol was normal.
    My Adrenal Stress Test done 3 weeks ago showed I am now normal.
    I feel worse than in 1999 as far as not being able to handle stressors.
    I have been on Armour for 21 days and still have the same great energy I got from the beginning, so much so that I have had to cut back to the original 30 mg. dose due to higher BP, diarreha, mild tachycardia and bad insomnia.
    So, on the face of things, it looks like I am one of those rare folks who does not need Cortef.
    However, my standing systolic pressure is 22 pts. lower than when I am laying down.
    I can do things at home where I am not stressed that I can't do away from home, in crowds or noisy places. My stress tolerance is so low, that while I can easily spend 35 mins. on my treadmill at home, in our noisy, crowded church last Sunday, I could not walk up two short flights of stairs without getting tachycardia and SOB. This disparity is common for me.
    My startle reflex is exaggerated and prolonged, though not as bad as it used to be.
    My question is do you think I should push for a trial of Cortef based on my symptoms ,despite the normal tests? My new doc likes licorice tea instead of Cortef for this problem, but I have high BP, so that is out.
    I don't know if you are familiar with Dr. Bruce Rind's Metabolic Scorecard, but I gave my doc a copy of mine, and it clearly shows that I have far more adrenal symptoms than thyroid ones. Still, I hesitate to take any meds I don't really need.
    What do you think?
    Thank you!
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    I printed this out and am sending it to my new doc with a request that she respond to it, since my next appt. is not until July 8th, and you have me scared about treating the thyroid without treating the adrenals.
    Thanks for including the dosage in your reply.