Dear Madwolf: Not sure what you meant by Neurontin/allergies PM

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    lst of all thank you Kindly for replying to my ??
    2nd Not sure what you mean by allergies and nuerontin?
    Yes i have allergies, always have and Dr. Cheney says the th2 makes food sensivities (a big problem) for me worse
    I've been on same dose since he dx me me with CFIDS in l2/98

    I feel CFS hit me in weakest points always had allegies
    Food binging an admitted problme Cheney says a lot in part of bedridden time, inability to take in enough noursihmeent shot gut ecology leakky gut etc. and on and on
    i feel this has contribute din part to worsened allergies

    Again my top symptom is the sandpaper dry dry fire ant like burning biting in my tongue throat and bronchials with flu like and intermitten dry non productive coughing on sicker days

    AS far a having an allergic reaction to Neur. I can't tell i have,

    most of my allergic reactions are rashes in roof of mouth, and worsened dysehtias as Cheney calls the top symptom and stopped up sinuses and ear popping and etc.

    I assume you mean some type of quite obvious allegic reactinon to the drug? thankyou again Paul Mark in KY