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    Dear Mikie and Shirl,

    I have been a member of the board for several months although I had to reregister when I had to change my email address.

    I am trying to help us to gain recognition by the federal government through a foundation that is non-profit and dedicated to the patients, their families and the doctors who have become victims through fear of the DEA. There is a bill in Congress today to address the problem of the chronically ill, especially those with chronic pain, for whatever reason.

    Please research the website of the National Foundation for the Treatment of Pain. It has been in existence for at least three years and is dedicated to those of us in chronic intractable pain. They are also dedicated to helping anyone in the United States to find treatment in their area or the closest best solution. They have helped many people and have started a National Awareness Campaign so that we are powerful enough to get government attention. They are not Phil Donahue or Montel Williams, but they do believe there is power in numbers. I am a nurse and do research since I can no longer work in the clinical area. I have researched the foundation thoroughly. The national chairman has a brother who is a chronic pain patient. One member of the board is Mary Ballus (sp?), an attorney dedicated to helping pain patients and physician-victims.

    Please look at the website. We have become victims of public opinion and have been condescended to by doctors. We need the validation of someone who can empower us to stand up and be recognized as valuable to society. If we do not get this validation, we will continue to be victims ourselves. The foundation believes that the power of an idea goes far beyond the size of one's membership. If we band together, sheer numbers cannot fail to get recognition by the government.

    Below is the letter that I have been trying to get those to read who need help and also can help bring medicine into the 21st century. I am not a political person and I have had FMS, CFIDS, Sjogren's Syndrome and a host of other problems for most of my 54 years. I am only trying to let others know that there is hope.

    The website is under the name of the National Foundation for the Treatment of Pain. Please look at it. Doing something cannot hurt us. Not doing it can.

    Thank you for your time and kind attention.
    Crystal (If you want to talk to me, please let me know and I will provide my email address)

    National Pain Awareness Campaign plus Help in Finding a Doctor in Your Area 07/16/03 01:12 AM

    I hope it's OK to tell about a National Pain Awareness Campaign that has been started by the National Foundation for the Treatment of Pain. It is a national foundation whose executive director is a doctor in Houston, TX. The foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing support for patients who are suffering from chronic intractable pain, their families and friends and the physicians who treat them.

    The website can be looked up under the name of the foundation. Joining this campaign will provide you with a lapel pin. The foundation has been in existence for over two years and is a nationwide organization.

    The foundation can also be a reliable contact for those patients unable to find a doctor in their area willing to treat those with chronic pain.

    According to the statistics as many as 50 million Americans suffer pain. About 15 million suffer chronic and intractable pain that is severe enough to be disabling. As many as 75% of even cancer pain patients receive grossly inadequate pain relief. Because of this, the suicide rate among patients is almost 20 times that of all others. The main causes of inadequate pain care in the United States are "opiophobia" and physician fear of prosecution. One out of ever 1400 doctors in the United States gets prosecuted for prescribing pain medications causing the daily decrease of doctors willing to treat pain for fear of prosecution.

    The foundation has the ear of some congressmen and is an advocate to help pain patients receive adequate care. It is also dedicated to trying to bring the plite of the pain patient and doctor-victims to national attention. There is a bill before Congress today to address the problems chronic pain patients have in getting recognition and treatment. The Executive Director is in contact almost daily with those "in the know" about our problems and posts information about the government's progress in this area in great detail.

    If we want help to make someone in Congress hear us, this is a viable way to go, but support is needed by your voice if not your funds. The organization is non-profit and to become a member and lend your voice only requires that you sign on as a member. The full explanation of membership is on the website and is easily found. We are all trying to make ourselves heard and some are still desperately searching for doctors willing to treat those with chronic pain. The NFTP is there not only for the purpose of helping us, but to help physicians to not be afraid to treat us.

    I am only a patient of this doctor and a member of the foundation. But we need national recognition and this may be one way to accomplish it.

    If you need any more information please let me know. I will be happy to give you my email address to be more able to help.


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    I'm not doing too well today but I will take a look see when I am feeling better.

    Love, Mikie
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