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    Dearest Mikie

    I am so sorry that you don't feel well. I'm not trying to be a pest, but I hear the desperation of the other people here. I am extremely lucky in that I found Dr. Joel Hochman (my physician and the Executive Director of the National Foundation for the Treatment of Pain). He is a pain management doctor (also a psychiatrist for over 35 years) who has treated patients for pain as well as providing help for those who need validation for disability or whatever. Mr. Tom Greenly is the National Coordinator and has a brother that was a chronic pain patient.

    The Foundation has received grants from the Christopher Reeve Foundation and is sponsored by them as well as other companies...some pharmaceutical. If a patient cannot find a doctor in their area or cannot afford their prescriptions, the NFTP will help with locating physicians and free or low cost prescriptions. It is my understanding that help or advice is also given regarding Disability and SSDI.

    Dr. Joel Hochman is a wonderful caring doctor who had a falling out about the treatment of pain patients several years ago. Instead of giving up, he moved to Texas because of the state laws here regarding the treatment of chronic pain. This man did not "throw in the towel" and give up as so many have. He is willing to fight the good fight and is not afraid to try to find solutions to help us as well as other physicians who have come under fire by the DEA. His courage and convictions know no bounds and he is doing everything possible for the rights of those in pain as well as the doctor-victims.

    When you are feeling better, please look at the website and look at the information that he gives under the "Executive Director Reports". He is very well-spoken and not afraid to be out-spoken on our behalf. Membership is a minimum of $25 to receive a pin or free if one cannot afford the fee. They simply want people to stand up and be recognized. If enough people join we can make every person in the United States understand that we will not remain invisible. We are in a battle for survival and we must let everyone and the government know that pain management is safe, life-saving and imperative. Dr. Hochman always says that the people that put us down may have to walk in our shoes someday and then they will realize that there is a problem.

    I believe that one of the Congressman has a family member who is a chronic pain patient. I know that I read that either in one of Dr. Hochman's reports or a website regarding the work Congress is doing. When someone in the upper echelons of government has a family member with chronic pain they seem to pay more attention. It is my understanding that President Bush agrees that there is a need for legislation regarding these issues.

    A lot rides on the passage of this bill, including the use of Marinol (prescription marijuana), an invaluable treatment for the side effects of chemotherapy in cancer patients. I have a friend that died of ovarian cancer. The cancer institute here in Houston (M. D. Anderson Hospital) put her on Marinol and her appetite was better as well as the fact that it gives a feeling of well-being. The doctors said that she lived two years longer than expected because of it. Now the federal government is threatening to pull funds from those states that use medical marijuana. But it won't end there.

    The point I guess that I'm trying to make is that this is groundbreaking legislation and although it does not include only FMS and CFIDS, it can only help us.

    As I said before, I am not a political person. As a rule, I am a wallflower that keeps her voice to herself, but all of us need help and I feel that this is viable arena to help ourselves.

    The pin is red cloisonné with a picture of a bird soaring to freedom. It is for the National Awareness Campaign. It is meant to be worn so that people who ask can be told about the problems of pain treatment and the persecution of chronic pain patients and their physicians.

    If you would like more information (when you are feeling better), please ask and I will give you my email address. Until then, I can only ask that you research it and speak to the many members of the group at You and Shirl are very respected and you have given good advice to many. By the way, thanks for the advice about Klonopin...I have been sleeping better than I have for over 35 years.

    Thank you for your kind attention and I hope you feel better soon.

    Member: National Foundation for the Treatment of Pain
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    HI i just read this and it is interesting is there any way i can find out the web sight to go to? i would appreciate it thank you kris
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    I am answering some posts, but my cold has left me with a sinus infection which is making reading and understanding more difficult. I have a call into my doc for some antibiotics, I'm off the Doxy right now, and for a steroidal nasal spray.

    I was doing so well for so long and now all this. I'm sleeping a lot right now. Hope to be back to full speed soon.

    Love, Mikie
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