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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ABLUV, Oct 2, 2008.

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    How are you? Are you ready to talk about Proof?
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    Sorry i missed your post, i've been looking when i'm on, i finally looked under your name and found it.

    I haven't been on too much i've been tied up with my son's birthday party, and school conferences, and we were having some beautiful weather, so i was trying to make sure i got outside, because i know the snow is coming soon.

    Hope you see this!

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    I know your not here everyday, so i'll keep bumping this until we find each other.

    What did you think about the characters in Proof, I was really surprised that three people turned out to be the sameone.
    I usally catch that kinda stuff, but i was completely surprised. Which was fun.
    I didn't like the fact it took so many character out and made it so narrow. I didn't think he had enough other relationships.
    Indepth anyways, they got rid of his mentor, and i really felt bad for that guy. I wish they would have not isolated the main character so much.
    But overall i really enjoyed it, and loved how the court scene ended up, i knew something had to happen, that was great.