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  1. lilaclover30

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    I just feel lost on the porch!! There are many newbies that I have not met as yet. Those thaT I do know ------you are all so dear and I love you all.

    My server was down for 2 1/2 days and I was lost without this puter! This has been sucvh a week - my daughter-in-laws grandmother passed away and I know that I was expected to be there. I do the driving now sdo I just sent flowers.

    I have been hurting soooo bad - my back hurts most of the time and the checks hurt so much that it is hard to sit.'

    I guess that I am also getting too old for all of you dear youngsters - i feel like it anyway. I also am being made to feel too0 old for our church choir - i guess i should just step down but-------------

    I read 206, 207 and now 208. You all seem to be enjoyking life ass much as possible. or that I am so thankful.

    Hubby8 juist can't understand my pain nor wishes to.

    This is the day Christ died on the cross - maybe that is why I feel so down.

    But Sunday and all is right with our world!!!!

    May Gopd bless this coming Easter and have a wonderful day with families.

    Gentle Hugs and Love,

  2. ckball

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    I am sorry to hear this, I know it has been very difficult for you, being a caretaker when you need one yourself is more than most can take.

    Please don't give up, just take one day at a time, read your bible, rest and get your strengh back. Hopefully you and your DH can gain the strengh together, he now understands what you have lived with for so long.

    I feel we need to do everything we can to stay as active as we can, even it is only getting out once or twice a week.

    Or find a hobby that you love, but don't give up. Please don't worry about the porch, we do have some wonderful additions to the the porch and yes it has been hard to keep up with at times.

    I know it has for me, see my Happy Easter post and you will understand. Hang in there and know your Porchies are always here for you, you holler and we will be there-take care-Carla
  3. 1sweetie

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    There has been a lot of activity on the Porch lately and I, too, find it very difficult to "keep up" with everyone.
    Annie Cromwell wrote an excellent post about this very subject on The Porch thread earlier today. Please read that and you will feel better. It is O.K. if we can't keep up. All of us are different.

    I understand the hurt for not being able to do for others, especially when there is a death. I also send flowers and if I am able to get to a drugstore I try to follow up with a card or a phone call. Hopefully your DIL understands your illness. Just remember you did all that you could do.

    It is so easy to feel depressed when we are in pain and especially if someone close to us does not understand. Have you tried a nice bath in Epsom salts? That helps me sometimes with the meds don't work.

    The holidays do make it hard too but this holiday is a day of celebration. I hope you find comfort in your faith and also in the fact that you have friends that care about you.

    Hope to see you back on the Porch when you are able.

    Lots of ((((HUGS))))) and a Happy Easter to you
  4. budmickl

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    Can I tell you something that is kind of funny?

    I have been on this board for over a year and all this time, I thought your nickname was lila clover.

    I think in one of your posts or in your bio, you mention lilacs.. I chuckled to myself that I had such the wrong name for you!

    I do hope you and your husband find some comfort and you get the help and rest you so deserve.

  5. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Last week I left you a Post expressing my deep concern for
    the burdens you are trying to carry in regards to your Hus-
    bands illness and other pressing matters. I strongly
    suggested that there is help if we seek it to help you though
    the difficult times. Please check with your Soc. Services in
    your County for some assistance!

    Furthermore, no one can be expected to be on the PORCH or
    reply to each and every person or circumstance! I don't.
    I can't. Please come by and just say hello as you can and
    time and energy permits. That lets us know that you"re
    OK and
    are feeling well enough to come that day to say hello.

    Your one of us and your chair is here 24/7!
  6. Granniluvsu

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    Joan - Everyone here has has such great things to say for you. I agree with them all. However, I do want to add something that I know you will understand.. DO NOT QUIT CHURCH CHOIR. It and my other singing is my therapy and I know you love it as much as I. Without it I really do think I would have become depressed with pain for 25 years or so.

    Not sure if I know your situation. Is DH OK without you how so you can go to church and to practice. Even if you have had to take a break through all of this with your husband's problems please go back if you can. It will be of such help for you is so many ways. I know it is for me. it is great for you just to get away and to do something you really enjoy is truly precious.

    Yes, please read Annie post. She summed things up really well and Carla too. We are all so different . Don't worry about the newbies. We have hada ato learn all of them to , little by little. Also sometimes I forget what I just read myself. So, have no fear. I can't reply to everyone half the time and then just part of them in on a good day.

    We did miss and worry about you. Don't stay away for to long if you can. We worry about people when they do, esp if they come most days or are absent for awhile like as we say MIA (Missing In Action). Sorry to hear about the dealth in the family. Yes, you just do what you can and don't worry about not going to the funeral if you feel so badly. Yes, as MrDad mentioned have you tried to get some kind of help. You do need to get out s little bit some time. Can he be by himself at all for short periods?

    Sorry to hear about your sic computer. I know that does not help either esp if you are stuck at hoe and really need it.

    I just got back from the Good Friday Mass, etc. It was so touching. Yes Joan, these days are very touching and special. Two more Masses to go to now for Easter. Tomorrrow will be a really long one !!!! Hope I can keep my voice.

    God Bless you Joan and again a very Happy and Blessed Easter to all. I may not get here at all tomorrow , not sure and Easter forget it unless it is at night, not to late. Going to son and DIL's after Mass and fixing my two dishes I have to bring.

    Love to you and to EVERYONE.


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  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear you are feeling so punk.

    Just drop by and say Hi when you feel up to it. We are always glad to hear from you.

  8. Cromwell

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    yes, here I am another Lila Clover person plus I had to really re read several times to "get" that it is lilac lover!!! Lin, Rocky and I were passing some word faux pas around this past few days.

    For a laugh read the joke someone (see I forgot the name already) posted this morning it is on its own post-it is very funny.

    You are dealing with such a lot. I note that a few here have mentioned my post on the porch regarding the struggles we all have and how we can only be what we are able to be and how some can be more able than others and this is really friendship.The porch is a sanctuary really.

    Willy Nelson has a song that says "When fair weather friends, leave when fair weather ends..." well I think we, on the porch, well none of us are fair weather friends. We are there for one another, this is how the porch first formed-we were a group of six or seven people who were constantly posting one another in support. It does not matter to any of us whether you read one or all of the posts, whether you just come in to "read" - a thing I used to do just to let people know I was there, was to reply and just say "bump" in the message-that way the porch moves up the board and we know you dropped by and left a hug for us.

    We go to church only when we can, as church is a place in our hearts truly, rather than a physical place. Though if choir brings you joy I have to tell you that a few years ago I would attend practice but often could not sing on Sunday. The teacher liked me at practice just to have my strong pitch lead a little. So even if you do this you don not have to force yourself to show up each Sunday. A friend of mine would stay for only part of the service and leave half way through too.

    Easter is a time of sadness and reflection for sure but also a time for rejoicing and taking hope that change will and does happen.

    Emily Dickenson wrote:

    "Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the song without words and never stops at all."

    We are all with you in thought, prayers and companionship. Be kind to yourself.

    Love Annie
  9. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I'm sorry to hear you're going through a hard time right now. I'm sure your hubby's attitude doesn't help at all.

    When I look at your profile and see those beautiful babes, I know you'll find joy again soon.

    Happy Easter!


    PS. You're never too old until you decide you are. ;>)
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  10. jole

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    I don't think I've ever posted directly to you before, but want to let you know that I think you're a very special person, and blessed to have been married for so many years. My hubby and I have been married for 42 years now.

    It's amazing how quickly time goes by....some days I think I should be the age my kids are (even though I certainly don't feel it). Yes, life has been good, even through it's rough patches.

    Do you still drive? I can't anymore, which means with my husband's work I no longer go to church, and it is hard for me. I watch services on tv and read the bible, but miss the companionship. Although I have such anxiety issues church is pretty much out of the question for me anyway.

    So you are an antique am I! Although none of ours are really that valuable to anyone but us, mostly family hand-me-downs that I wouldn't trade for anything. An old wooden icebox, two steamer chests, a library table, old victrola, and a small table my grandmother had in her kitchen that she set her homemade pies on. Those are things of importance to me. So many things in life come and go, but memories of loved ones remain....

    I hope your days are going better. I understand your love of the porch, please stay. I don't post very often because some days my depression or pain doesn't allow it, but I read as often as I can, and I know everyone there is a friend of mine. It always makes my heart a little lighter to read of their real or imagined antics!

    I look forward to getting to know you better. You have a good and loving heart!