Dear Selena.....mi hermana.

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  1. Cactuslil

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    Dear Selena I was not sure where the message was that prompted you to share such a nice message.

    As I began to read it, I had to take in a few deep breaths to continue..your sweet sentiment rang a bell within me. My two first rescues were poodles....just by chance! (yeah, right!) These were mature dogs; one had lived in the wild for a couple of years and the neighbor folks at Canyon Lake would feed and water him a ways from the house as he was very shy from being lost or dumped. I had gone to get a sheltie that morning and it had been gotten already....then my daughter Tina spoke up and asked if we could take the little bushy apricot that became "Augda"; my then 2-year old could not say dog...Augda came out and that was his name; then there was "Gildi" who had been left in San Antonio when her trainer/handler passed away; she had been living in a boarding for animals...there were hundreds of dogs there! Long lines of kennels with everything from Poodle to Dauschaunds...mostly pure bred animals who found their refuge there either by death of the owner or military having to pull stake. Well, Gildi caught my eye!

    They are both gone now. Buried under that Pecan Tree. William covered the buriel site with rocks we had gathered out of the Blanco River.

    Thus began my love of poodles! Again, thank you Selena. Your message reminded me of those two old dogs....I did not have the courage to go with each to their death. When Monkey died, Tina had to take her from my arms at the crematoriam. I have come a long way from those two first dogs. I did not grow up with dogs but I don't see how I could make it now without one,two,three et al. Love Cactus.
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    My prayers remain with you during this sad time of grieving for your little one.

    Love, Mikie
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    You are still in my thoughts and prayers for your lost. I know (again) how that feels. It takes time to accept that they are not there. I keep looking for and calling the last two I lost a year ago.
    My beautiful Boxer Beaute, then my little guy (10 lbs) mix who had the courage of a Pit Bull. I still miss them so much. I have pictures galore of them and still can't look at them with crying.

    Take care, and know that you are in my prayers.

    Shalom, Shirl