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    Dear Shirl,

    I noticed in one of your responses that you indicated that you had FMS but not CFIDS (please forgive me if I'm wrong). As far as I know from the doctor who finally diagnosed me with figromyalgia, I don't have CFIDS. The diagnosis of FMS came after over 10 years and about 20 doctors telling me bits and pieces but never adding them together.

    My question is this: did you have a physical injury that led to FMS or did it come about following years of colds, pneumonia, etc. ad nauseum. I'm 54 and the worst of anything that could be calleded an accident was a broken ankle at age 12 that persists on reminding me that it happened by dislocating it or respraining it every 10 years or so.

    The colds. etc started at age two with whooping cough pneumonia and went from there to migraines, menstrual problems, IBS, Sjogren's Syndrome and the rest of the "wastebasket list" as doctors are so fondly referring to FMS when they can't tell you what else is wrong with you.

    I hear so much about back injuries and other injuries that lead to FMS and wondered how many people developed FMS without some kind of trauma to start the whole process.

    Thanks and may God watch over you,
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    The FM was diagnosed about two years after I had pneumonia. Right after the pneumonia, I developed pleurisy, which now looking back I think was FM, not pleurisy! Then I got bronchitis.

    All this from the pneumonia. When I was first diagnosed it was called; 'Fibrositis', then years later they changed the name to FM. Since they found there is no inflammation in the sore muscles.

    I had no physical injuries, other than what little girls that think they are little boys get from climbling trees, playing hardball, fist fighting etc. (in other words I was a typical Tomboy till about age 14!), and was not ever sick as a child.
    I did not get the usual childhood illnesses, no mumps, chicken pox, measles (except for the German 24hr one), no whooping cough, India Fire, etc. Never had a cold or the flu till I got pneumonia when I was 30.

    I almost lost my mind going from a super healthy person to someone who had constant pain, colds, flu, pneumonia so many times I lost count, sinus attacks, ulcers, inflected ears, absessed tonsils, headaches, then the IBS and Fatigue started along with the Fibro Fog , I dragged all of this into menopause, which was no picnic either.

    The whole process for me started with the pneumonia.

    HOpe this answered your question.

    By the way I am so very much better now. I do thank God for this board and all the books and articles I read about FM. It helped a great deal to get over some of those above symptoms, one at a time.

    God bless you too.................

    Shalom, Shirl

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    Shalom, Shirl