Dear Springwater, Happy Birthday!

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    It was a year ago when I first found my first post of yours. The one about your journey back to the mountains of your childhood home in India. It was so vivid, and practically jumping off the page with all the detailed descriptions of that place and journey. Such excellent writing has been a gift to us all. I've since become a total addict of all that you capture with words.

    I think you could write about anything, anywhere! I wish I had all your writings in a book that I could open anytime. I remember the little mouse under the window ledge that you covered up again with dried vines, so he would be safe. And your walking along at night past the small shops with their oil lamps lit. A fragrant wet branch tapping you as you walked by.

    Streets of Khatmandu, meat dumplings (yum), bookstores you visit, taxi rides. EVERYTHING comes alive. I am such a lover of literature that it is all such a great delight to me.

    I have come to admire so many more things about you. Because I suffer from clinical depression also, I know what you live through on a regular basis. How I wish I could save you from it!

    But I see a determination in you, not only to always begin again. But to begin well. I love what I have learned from you about Buddhism, the compassion and kindness, the prayers sent out for all living creatures. The prayers you pray for us here.

    I love knowing you - I consider you to be a precious friend. And your choice to keep moving ahead and finding meaning in beauty, and in your sufferings encourages me, as I choose and fight to do the same.


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    Have a happy birthday:) Hope you get lots of presents...including a pain free day!

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    For your sweet good wishes;

    Judy – I well remember that first post of yours which my post about going back to my hometown elicited. And the feeling of having found a kindred spirit on the boards your writing evoked. Thank you for the good words about my writing. I think you write pretty darn well too.

    Sometimes when the ‘bad phase’ drags on and threatens to swamp me, and any good positive feelings I may have had starts getting buried under the cloak of despair and hopelessness and fatigue that is clinical genetic depression, words like yours reminding me that I have been positive and have found beauty and meaning in life and written about them here, brings me back on the right track, walking again the hopeful road which is leading to a place I actually want to get to.

    Hanginginthere (love your handle by the way),

    Georgia – saw your greetings on the other board, thanks, and yes pretty good day I had

    Debra – I got some presents, lol (my school friends who also happen to be three sisters and with whom I always exchange gifts and cards on birthdays)..

    thanks again, ladies

    God bless
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    Oh I hope you had a wonderful birthday! Sounds like it went pretty well. I'm glad. And, yes, presents are always nice. I think that says something of you to still have school friends that are still close to you, in a fun loving exchange gifts and fun!
    God Bless, Cynthia