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    Thank you so much for responding!

    The help from the husband isn't something I can really expect...I kept his books for 11 years, and I KNOW first hand how his income is sort of "rearranged"...and according to the lawyer I talked to, with truck drivers it's almost always impossible to PROVE that they don't owe more than they could ever earn if they worked a hundred years!

    At pressent my doctor doesn't even mention "disabilities", he just tries to keep me going. I know that this isn't somethng new to me. I have had it so long that I all but gave up that anyone would EVER find what was wrong. The blood work always comes back clean as a diabetes, no thyroid problems, know how it goes...all in your head, here take an antidepressant. I went to one doctor for 6 months, he ran all sorts of tests, and eventually told me that he couldn't help me...I took that to mean he didn't think ANYTHING was really wrong with me.

    Actually, even when I think about doing any more office work I wonder if I even have enough mind left to do that type of work. I'm just not as sharp as I once was.

    Thanks again for replying. I so do hope that you get better. I pray for all of you here. It seems so unfair to be sick all the time, and not even be able to find a cure or even a reliable treatment. You all make me realize that for MOST people, life isn't so wonderful all ofthe time.

    Lots of love to a really nice lady!

    God Bless you in ALL ways!