Dear White Buffalo up in the Sky. Hear our Prayers tonight ..

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Cactuslil, Oct 31, 2002.

  1. Cactuslil

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    White Buffalo up in those clouds
    I see you billowing forth;
    We mortals marvel at such a sight
    There is a God, a sacred round.

    On bended knee we thank you
    for knowledge, truth and light;
    Born in our hearts by thy blood
    Freedom to love, know to be true.

    Dear Higher One, Powerful One
    help us bare our ails;
    Bestow knowledge to the healers
    Understanding to our Mates...

    Tonight I pray for those travelers here
    Joined together by this "thing";
    Grant to us discernment and care,
    to endure the days to come....

    Give unto us the power to heal
    and humility to endure...
    to love ourselves so we may give
    grace to those who cannot feel...

    Look to that buffalo up in the sky
    Seem by those long ago...that Indian God
    and his companions two..known by many names.

    Help us to see
    Help us to be
    Kinder gentler' souls
    Feed us with your wisdom sweet

    Grant discernment so we can tell
    how we can overcome this stone
    .....a stone that we shall overcome
    then soon, soon we will be home.

    CactusLil 31Oct2002
  2. Cactuslil

    Cactuslil New Member

    I read on the main board of many questions and noted a really overall good attitude on taking on this syndrome et al and winning the battle; whatever that winning consists of or means to each of us.

    Specific needs are mentioned on this board and I will be fasting and praying for each of you and others missing, like Jackie, Jazzie, Pattie, Rose, Nonie, SoulWriter and others that I pray are working out their way positively.

    I shall send smoke signals with our trials written there upon and let them be received by the Great Whites and carried to the Gods. Love CactusLil'
  3. Jude

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    Lil, I've missed your poems and the unique way you have of putting it all together. Nice to see the White Buffalo again.