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    I am always praying for Gods children, espeically the ones who are on the forfront.

    I know this is not the mission field you requested, but it is the one God has given you.

    I hope your OK with us people in need of your guidence and love.

    He seems to have decided this knowing you have such a great heart and are so caring for us who are in need.

    God has placed you here for a very special reason and I look forward to finding out what that is.

    Even the Fibro is for a reason. Will it give you inside knowledge so that you may minister to those with this disease also, I don't know.

    But He certainly has a reason for allowing this to happen. His plan is not wrong, even thought we do not understand it.

    I know much is going on in your life and God is using you in ways you have not even imagained.

    So I will pray for you dear one, everyday. May God richly bless you. De

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    Whenever you post you make me cry. You have so much love and compassion and sensitivity. They are such rare qualities.
    I am totally ok with everyone. My mission statement is a real faith in a real God in a real world. There are so many people who are hurting, physically, spiritually, and emotionally on this board. I have a real burden for those who have been beat up by the church for whatever reason and are lost and can't seem to find their way. Along with that comes emotional pain. So many people have the wrong idea of who God is, how to relate to Him, how to live as He wants and most important of all that He loves them for who there are and where they are at. Jesus said He has come to give us life not a bunch of religious drivel that doesn't work. He also said we are to love each where we are at and not condemn because they don't live to our standard. Regarding the fibro 2 Corinthians 1:4 says ... who comforts us in all our tribulation (troubles), that we many be able to comfort those who are in any trouble, with the comfort with which we are ourselves are comforted by God." If you haven't or aren't going through something you can't effectively help someone. It is ok to get upset or down or depressed. You just can't stay there. I certainly don't have the answers I just ask God what does He want me to say. People want to know that they are loved and accepted for who they are and where they are at and that God does not hate them or is punishing them for their situations. I just try and point them to God and not religion. The first time you told me about this being my mission field you woke me up. Thank you for what you said. I was feeling like I was sitting here like a bump on a log just existing. You have given new meaning to "go into all the world". I hadn't thought of it in that way before. It is really exciting and I don't have to worry about jet lag or not drinking the water lol. Thank you for all your prayers, you are an answer to prayer for me. See and we both get blessed. Neat eh? Father thank you for bringing De into my life for this time and season. Please bless her in ways that she can't imagine May everything she puts her hand prosper. In Jesus Name Amen. Well enough babbling for now. Keep in touch.

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