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    Hi Deb!
    I read that you were in the hospital for three days? I am so glad you are okay. What happened? I trust they have adjusted your meds? I remember you saying you were having some problems, I am so glad you are safe!

    Take Care,

    (formerly painpaingoaway!-- while you were out, got a new name)
  2. Debra49659

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    Love the new name!! I am much better now. I was put on Methadone to help control the pain. Well...either I have a reaction to the Methadone or a reaction to the combination of meds. The result was spending three days in the hospital in a nightmare of pain with NOTHING for pain control....they had to take me off all meds. I was finally reintroduced to all my meds except the Methadone. While I was in the hospital, the first couple of days....I couldn't remember the day, month....what different items were used for like toilet paper!!! My mom had to explain what to do with it. My husband said it was almost scary looking in my eyes, like my body was here but nobody was home. The scary thing was how fast it happened.

    Well...I mean I was having symptoms of a allergic reaction but I didn't realize what they were. The last day was when I started throwing up....I thought it was a flu, but when my husband came home he knew it wasn't the flu and took me to the hospital. The reason I didn't realize was because I could remember my house, my kids....I didn't even realize I lost my memory until I couldn't figure out how to get dressed to go to the hospital.

    And really scary is if I was alone that day I would not have gone to the hospital. I just wanted to be left alone lying on the dog bed with a blanket wrapped around me because some how during the day I had lost my pajamas.

    I thank God, my daughter Emily, and of course my husband. They saved my life!

    I will never take Methadone again!!!

    I hope all is well with you, I was and still am worried about you!


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