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    hi linda im feeling the same kinda pain collarbone so forth im taking mag%calcuim 3 times a day i feel 100 bettter no pain meds also bcomplex how is your daughter fine i hope , debbie u r right i feel like im not trusting the lord, and i so wnt to be right my boyfriend of 5 years we dont have sex since i rededicated and we are close r then ever i let him know i wanted to be right with god in all ways and im very happy i love him dearly but i think if gods will we will get married or whatever gods plan is for i just know in my heart i want to please the lord i belive he saved my life i was heade d for the nuthous e or worse im very happy i was not before something was missing jesus was not a part of my life i understand what your saying i dont need pain meds anymore i guess one thing at a time i was a mess god s been working over time on me, but he is the most a wesome god and i truly lve him for his mercy i hope u r ok thank u for praying with me thank u both linda feel better the weather does not help love to both god bless val