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    I am trying to catch up on some of the posts...whew this place is hopping! How are you doing Deb, is the "creeping crud" run off yet? I have a favor to ask you. There is a gospel group (a family) up that way, I can't remember the name, it has an older lady who sings a song "Lord of the Valley" or maybe it's "Lord of the Mountian" one or the other, do you have a clue as to who they are...I want that song....
    Danny, I haven't had much time lately to post, but I do pray for you, how's things at home? You know, I remember a post a while back when you first started on the board and you said something about not being able to pray like some of the other folks I read...'I am definitely a prayer warrior' Looks to me like your growing in leaps and bounds. How wonderful.
    Lisa, your doing pretty great spit in the devils eye kind of lady!
    Marian: I have the picture you sent hanging over my desk and I see you everyday. I am praying for you also.
    I miss being here so much, but you all are doing great and I thank God for that. I had a vision of this board growing and it sure has. Thank you for keeping me in your prayers and thoughts. Hugs to you all
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    I am doing pretty well, still have my low times, but then I just keep pressing on! It is a real treat hearing from you! I know that you have been busy and not feeling well though, I know that we all have times that we cannot be here like we want to. Debbie is not feeling well, this cold has really gotten her down so she has not been on here very much in the past day or so. I see that you still refer to me as the one that spits in the devils eye! Well, sometimes I have to say that I can't muster up enough energy to do that, but I am still trying! Hope things get better for you and Michael soon and I am still praying for you that they will.
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    Thank you Takesha. I pray that we all here are blessed by the Lord everyday.