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    You need to get a hida scan to rule out gallbladder.
    My ultrasound showed nothing gallbladder related,
    however it did show a fatty liver. Was told not to
    really worry about it. My uncle and aunt have it as
    well. It can be due to excess alchohol, some drugs,
    obesity, heredity or for no reason at all.

    The hida scan is a test that shows whether or not
    your gallbladder is functioning properly. Out
    mine came. Still have lots of pain in right
    rib area, etc.

    Good luck. Push your dr. for the hida scan.
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    Thanks for the info.Sharp pains in the middle of my abdomin have come back,very sharp and fast,then gone,Is this a sign of galbladder? I very rarely drink, take generic prosac,prevacid, estratest,and diovan for hbp. BP is sometimes too low,and I feel really tired allot. My lower back is in constant pain,and bumps and muscles ache really bad at times out of the blue.Guess I'm just getting old! lol I used to take welbutrin for depression, and I'm about to go back to it, I've been feeling really depressed again, I feel it creeping up on me and I hate it! Thanks again for listening!
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    I would discuss this with your dr. Make sure he
    is aware of all of your complaints. I have hiatal
    hernia and GERD (among many other things including FMS, CFS, arthritis, failed back surgery) and take
    Prevacid. They were not sure whether my pains
    were from acid reflux or gallbladder. You really
    should get it ruled out with the hida scan.
    Good luck,
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    For yrs. I have a constant pain in that region. I had 2 ulta sounds said it was ok. Found something on liver. Said I probably was born with it and not to worry.Hmmmmm

    After reading this guy Tim on fm board he has lyme all those yrs. Destroyed is gallbladder and live and almost died.

    I do have gurd and hiatal hernia. But this leans towards my back on right side. They probably should have tested more since pain is still there.

    After reading his post of 6mo. in hosp. made me rethink pushing them aliittle more. Since I have Lyme. Just so tired of it all and everytime they go in they find something wrong. Yet no real help in getting well. Just all bandaid treatment so far.
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    If you think you might have problems with your
    gallbladder, ask for a hida scan. My ultrasound
    showed that I had fatty liver. Is that what you
    were told? I , too, was told not to worry too much
    about it. It if ist fatty liver that you were told, I just
    posted an article on it on the FMS board a few
    days ago.

    I was vomiting daily and having diarhhea daily,
    belching terribly, etc. The shoulderblade pain
    that i have now is lots worse than it was prior
    to the surgery! I guess it was good that I
    got rid of it.

    I know what you mean about drs and treatments and
    tests. One year a few years ago I had three weeks
    of either drs/ appts, tests, or dr's appts for
    SSDI. It was insane. I get a new serious problem
    every time I turn around!