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    This women called me from an attorney's office to settle on a debt. A credit card I do not even remember yet she says it was active in '06 and I owe $8000.

    Anyway, she was so nasty. It amazes me how she can sleep at night.

    I told her about my injury at work, the surgery, and only working 20 hours a week right now. I live in a mobile home, blah, blah, blah.

    I told her to stop badgering me, then she got more fuming.

    She says they will proceed with the sheriff at my door, etc. etc.

    Does anyone know how this works?

    Since I have not been able to keep up, I have made arrangements with several other creditors, but she wants $1000 right on the spot as an initial payment!

    What do people do with this harassment, esp. with the country the way it is right now with the costs of everything so high? I am sure I am not the only one that she is trying to bleed dry.

    I asked for the company phone number of this creditor and she refused to give me the company or the phone number or anything. I got a credit card name, but I need more than that.

    She is one evil woman........
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    You have rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

    I am VERY familiar with all of this. I am not proud of it, but I have defaulted on a lot of credit card debt due to life's circumstances and let my house go back to the bank. You need to educate yourself now and the link above will get you started. You can request IN WRITING that they do not contact you anymore. Then cannot harrass or threaten you, although collectors usually do because they assume most people don't know the law. LEARN YOUR RIGHTS.

    They CAN ruin your credit. Depending on the state you live in, they can sue to garnish your wages. In Texas they cannot do that. Learn the laws in your state so you know what to expect.

    Consider bankruptcy depending on which state you live in. It didn't make sense for me in Texas because they can't garnish my wages. They can sue me and earn a judgement but I'm broke so won't get anything. I don't even own my car.

    REMEMBER, creditors are trying to earn a living. They don't care about your illness, your problems, how much you are in pain, or how much you owe. They will get ugly with you. When they call don't try to justify yourself. Simply say "I cannot pay this right now". Do not engage in conversation when they ask "well how are you paying your house, your car, etc". Tell them "this is none of your business". Don't let them goad you, that is what they LIVE for. If you can afford to give them $10/month, tell them that. If they respond "that isn't acceptable', reply "too bad, it is all I have".

    Don't apologize. You don't owe them an apology. Don't expect them to be sympathetic. If it has gone to a collection agency, those people don't care. As I said above, according to the law you have a right to stop those calls. Read the link I posted for more information.

    I know I keep repeating myself but YOU HAVE RIGHTS. Learn the laws in your state right now and you'll be better prepared on what to do. I'm glad you posted - this isn't the end of the world.

    Please ask if anything I posted is confusing.

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    and make sure i really did owe that money before paying anything at all.

    Sometimes these people can be running scams and using scare tatics to get people to pay money they don't owe.

    I recently read about magazine scams, were they just send you the magazine you didn't request and then try to bill you.

    Right now i'm getting two mags i never asked for, and i'm waiting for the "bill". I'm not going to pay. My name isn't even spelled right.
    I think i'm going to ask our mail lady to start returning them, they are unwanted.

    You need to find out your past credit card history with the card they claim you owe.
    Good luck, don't let them rattle you.
    The Sheriff isn't going to show up at your door demanding the money you know.
    They(the debt collectors) would have to file a claim on it to go to court, and then a deputy would bring papers out to serve.
    Telling you, you had so many days to dispute the claim and a court date.
    That's what they want to avoid, the debt collectors, they would rather just scare you into paying.

    Look into, the more info you have about this the better able to handle it you will be.
  4. morningsonshine

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    She is right, you don't have to be bullied, explain yourself, or apoligize. Don't waste your energy doing those things with people who don't care.
    And if you can only pay a very small amount they have to accept that.
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    I know how hard it is when you've always been someone who paid their bills on time. But sometimes sh*t happens and when it does, the last thing we need is some nasty collector giving us grief.

    When I was still in my house with my ex-fiance, he used to 'play' with collectors when they called and tell them he was my husband. Then I would talk to them and they would say "well your husband told us" and I would reply "Husband????? I don't have husband, I got rid of that SOB years ago" *LOL*. They would get so confused. It probably wasn't very nice of us, but it sure felt good turning the tables on them!
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    Thanks everyone for your replies. You are all so helpful and I can sense, caring, too.

    I also have the surgery center that did the operation on my knee for a work injury is harassing me. That was through work. comp., too! I will have to call the attorney.

    What a world we live in. It's always been about the mighty $$$$$$$$$!

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    They pay these people to be mean. Do not offer this woman a "proposal" to pay ANYTHING! That gets you "on the hook". INSIST ON PROOF THAT YOU OWE THIS!!!!!!!!!!
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    and I currently owe like thirteen thousand dollars. I'm going to be doing a bankruptcy. But I don't speak to these people. I gave them all my old cell number. So they were clogging up my inbox with tons of voicemail. But they still don't have my real home number to bug me.

    You don't have to speak to them. You can write to them and tell them that you prefer all communication to be done through the mail. They never listen to that, so after doing that, you should not answer or change your number.

    They have to prove you even owe that money. And collectors, themselves, cannot send a sheriff to your door. They really can't do much of anything except get a judgment on you or have a judge freeze your accounts. They usually don't go to that much trouble. They just keep trying to harass you into paying.
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    Thanks put my mind at ease.

    I just found out one that I settled on tried to collect again. I sent a copy of the check I settled with and their notarization on the back of it back to them.

    Yeah, I do need to be less trusting of what people say.

    You have all helped to give me a wake-up call....thanks again!