Debuting a new series as well as some new ideas...

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    Hi all,

    In my latest series I stray off topic just a bit, and I write on Spirituality and Chronic Illness. I will challenge many of the prevailing beliefs on this topic.

    Without a doubt, those with CFS face a stronger scrutiny of their spiritual lives. As I unleash the series one part at a time over the next few months, I will offer a different way of thinking on the subject.


    Craig Maupin
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    The address. (Edited to remove URL)
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    Welcome to our board.

    Please read the board rules and info for new members. We are not allowed to post URL's here.

    Love, Mikie
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    Maybe you could give us some hints about how to find the web site you're talking about. Maybe people would probably be interested in reading it.
  5. craigmpn

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    My apologies to the moderator. The rules on links is a necessary one.

    As far as hints, I would look to the Links Section of Immune Support under CFS links Self-Help Resources. Look there for a noncommercial site providing news and commentary. Or, type my name into Google.

    Craig Maupin ;-)
  6. Grams

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    Craig, I found your articles on the Immune Support site, great work! I also found your new series, very thought provoking. Thanks for the hints!