Decided to quit my job...............

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dolsgirl, Mar 10, 2003.

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    I made the decision at the end of today's workday & I thankfully have my husbands wholehearted support. We really need this job. I simply cannot do the workload that's expected. I work with someone who is nice but doesn't carry her share of the work. I've already written my two week notice although I'm not going to work tomorrow. I need to clear my head. I need a mental health day!

    I wrote up my resignation tonight, but I have to buy a cartridge for my printer in order to have a professional letter to give my boss.

    It is such a relief to know that this will be over. It has been physical, tortuous for my body and mind. I literally get short of breath while working because I'm running around so much. That's just plain too much. I don't know what I'll end out doing, but, this isn't the job for me & I must move on.

    It still bothers me about that the job I had left that I loved. They put off my health insurance an extra month. If I hadn't left there I would have had a hair across my A** if I didn't stand up for myself. And if I was wrong, why did they come out with a new policy manual the day after all of that happened explaining the additional days prior to when health insurance would go into effect? Such a sad waste.

    Thanks for all of your support through-out this ordeal. dolsgirl
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    Although I know it was a hard decision to make. I hated leaving my job as a CNA because I love helping others so much, but it was to much for me. I am glad that your husband is like mine and gives you the support you need to make it through this. I was lucky to have a good one that wanted me to quit because he seen how bad I was hurting myself. I still have days where I feel guilty because I am not helping with bills and stuff and I am still waiting to hear from SSA. It would be impossible for me to work now unless I could find a job where I could work 1 day and be off 3 to recoop. Best wishes

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    Aint this crud a catch 22,I have been where you are its not easy and it would not be a total loss if it would only take your job but it just keeps eating. Its like a non-fatal cancer it just has a mind of its own good luck kid.
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    it was really hard to quit, because we truly do need my income. I'll be looking around for something I can physically handle. Soft hugs. dolsgirl