Decision I made about yesterday's doc appt with neurosurgeon.

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    I think my doc is trying to protect me in some form or fashion. The fibromyalgia has been termed as severe. And battling this disease, as we all know, stress is one of our biggest problems. Getting really stressed over something can bring on a flare. I have been in a continous flare since my surgery in January. This is also common from what I have been able to find out. Even though the surgery was necessary, my body saw it as an assault and that is why I went into such a horrid flare. At least this is what the doc told me. Anywho, I trust him, otherwise I would have never allowed him to do the surgery.

    When I was searching for a second opinion about the fibro, I saw another neurologist and that was a total waste of time and money. His diagnosis was depression. He mentioned that I was widowed, took it for granted that I did not have an active sex life and yes he said this to me. He got the marital status from the paperwork I filled out, saw that I was on Prozac and this is taken for depression of course and during the exam I fell right in front of him, (I fall a lot due to balance problems) and he said oh, you have a bad knee. Again, by looking at my medical history, he could see I have had 4 surgeries on my left knee. I decided this clown was a waste. Saw a couple of other doctors and I was pretty much just blown off, they all looked at my martial status, that I am on Prozac for depression, overweight, and pretty much summed it all up as depression. It was Dr. Kern the neurosurgeon who diagnoised me with the fibro and my family doctor agreed.

    For whatever reason Dr. Kern chose to not tell me the rest, and I am going to trust him. I saw a total of 6 doctors and 1 nurse practioner before I could get a diagnosis of what was wrong with my shoulder and neck. Dr. Kern was right on from the get go, set me up to have a nerve block done to make double sure and when the pain got to the point I couldn't take it anymore, I gave in to have the surgery.

    I think any of us, if we were put through a series of x-rays and scans, they might possibly find something that we were not aware of. Something might be out of wack but we are still functioning just fine and pain free.

    And as he said yesterday since I was not having any symptoms........ and he went on to say more than once, if it isn't broke, I am not gonna fix it. And I took that to mean, yeah I may have something that is out of wack but right now it is not giving me any trouble so let's take a wait and see attitude.

    He is aware of how bad the fibro is and I think he is trying to keep from stressing me any further. So with that decision, I feel better about things. I am going to remain in his care for as long as he feels is necessary and trust his judgement. He made the dics diagnosis when no one else did and he diagnoised the fibro when no one else did and immediately got me a referral to an excellent pain management specialist. So all in all, I think he is a pretty good guy and I trust him. I think that is the bottom line, we have to have good lines of communication and a solid trust level with the people we entrust our health and well-being to.

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    What kind? I had meniscus repair in aug 2002, then in november they had to go back in because they left something in that we found when they pulled stitches out. Then after a lot of hard work and exercise was getting a lot of swelling and pain still and my knee was locking and going out from under me-sssssssssssssoooooooooooI got a 2nd opinion on my torn acl and had acl recon done in january--rehab is a b*&^ but I am getting stronger every day. I have some days when my body is worn out from all the hard work rehab is but in the end I am glad my knee is put all back together again.

    Why a neurosurgeon-did you have herniated discs or something? Just curious--I have DJD and DDD real bad and had c-spine fushion a little over a year ago due to it.

    Just saw a common bond and thought I would say hello