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    Hi All,
    Thanks for the responses - I was afraid that this might be a common problem. How ambivalent that CFS/FMS is not normally easily recognized, but when it comes to the insurance companies they are right there with the exclusions!

    I just spoke with an insurance specialist I found on the Internet. He told me about a different way to approach the problem.

    He said by using a company called Care Entree' which he describes as non-insurance. I think of it more as a plan that negotiates with providers and hospitals for discounts and I think is $70 a month. Combining that plan with an Allstate plan that is an 'indemnity' plan that pays you when you go in the hospital or just the emergency room - $1,000 for the hospital and $100 deductible and then $500 for the emergency room and also pays you for doctor fees, labwork etc. takes up some of the slack.

    It will be $200 a month for my husband and myself $200 a month and covers all the scariest kinds of eventualities like stroke, heart attack, etc.

    Guess what he read when he read on down the list? Fibromyalgia was listed along with diabetes, asthma, etc. as something they would not cover. So, he had to go around that portion and just cover the other biggies. That's ok with us. I've never been hospitalized for fibro. It's curious that they don't have Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy on there. About 15 years ago, I was in the hospital for over two weeks with that damn disease. I was very fortunate to have come away from that without being paralyzed or in horrible pain constantly.

    Anyway, these are some ideas that really sharp agents can look into instead of the basic HMOs and PPOs.

    When I get the package, I'll post some more information.
    Val B.
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    As you said, this is not insurance. You pay your monthly dues and when you see the doc or use any other medical services, you pay the doc or hospital what your co-pay would normally be plus what they would have been paid by the insurance company.

    I'm trying to decide whether this would be a good deal for me or not; my insurance just went up $200 a month. If I start taking Famvir, the $200 would not even cover my having to pay for it out of pocket, even with the Rx card from Care Entree.

    In a catastrophy, you could have a lot of expense with Care Entree, so the additional indemnity plan is a good idea.

    BTW, Care Entree is an MLM, but it does have a good reputation.

    Love, Mikie
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    I just realized that I stated the cost of the two plans I mentioned incorrectly.

    For my husband and I, it is $200 a month total.

    That is the least expensive kind of coverage I've been able to find that will give us major medical.

    Take care,
    Val B.