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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sophiekk, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. sophiekk

    sophiekk New Member

    I have ton of almost full bottles of supplements lying around that didn't work for me... The list is huge but includes

    Pro-health carnitine and CoQ10
    Dr Amy's multivitamins and Intrinsi B12-folate
    Colloidal silver
    Yeast-Cleanse and Candex
    Oregano Oil
    Olive Leaf
    Rhodiola Rosea
    Lemon Balm
    Neuro B12
    Some Dr Teitelbaum stuff (End Pain and Adrenergize)
    Dr Robert Grey's Holistic Horizons cleansing powder/tablets

    etc... All are within expiry dates. Please message me if you're interested in taking any of these off my hands for the cost of postage!
  2. sophiekk

    sophiekk New Member

    Thanks Kathy! I'm actually doing really well right now, thanks to low dose naltrexone, so it could be a lot worse. I just miss the money I spent on all the other stuff I tried! Ah well, it's trial and error, right? Hopefully some of this stuff will help someone!
  3. simonedb

    simonedb Member

    hey sophie
    I have a lot of the same supplements that havent worked for me. I could buy a mercedes with all the wasted money on supplements over the years.
    But hey I am curious about your experience with LDN. Could you say more about it, how long you have been on it and how much and what its been like? I have been experimenting with it since beg. of JULY, had a rough start, it got better but I found I could only tolerate a ridiculously low amount, .3mg, it does help with pain but my energy and mood is really up and down on it and I am not sure where I want to go from here, keep with it or not. I have a hard time tolerating anything though.
  4. Catseye

    Catseye Member

    Hi sophiekk,

    I had bad luck with some things but it was because I didn't use the right combination, or my diet was wrong, or I didn't use the right dosage.

    The carnitine and coq10, for example. Did you try magnesium and ribose with them? All of these together make ATP, the body's energy.

    Lysine, an amino acid, is good for lots of things, but there are lots of amino acids that we need. Did you ever try some whey protein? Or some other important aminos like creatine, taurine and tyrosine? I know tyrosine is in the adrenergize. Did you try other things the adrenals need like sea salt water and vitamin C? And if your adrenals are burnt, avoid high potassium foods like tomatoes and bananas.

    The candex and yeast cleanse should work great with the oregano oil and olive leaf but only if you eliminate most of the carbs from your diet, like grains, legumes, fruit and anything with sugar. Also, wheat and dairy should be eliminated for the digestive problems they cause. You can't kill off yeast and bad bacteria if you are eating too many carbs. I wasted a year of time and money using these same things along with some others - I was still eating too many carbs. See my thread about comprehensive stool analysis for more detailed info.

    Was the lemon balm in essential oil form?

  5. sophiekk

    sophiekk New Member

    Hi Simone - sorry to hear you're not tolerating the LDN well. I noticed a substantial improvement in energy levels (FM pain was unchanged) after about 4 months. I was taking 4.5mg; 3mg didn't help me. I get the sense that it's a very individual reaction, though - I hear very different stories from people.

    Karen - yes, I did the whole candida diet for several months, with no response. I may just not have been taking the carnitine & q10 in high enough doses - I was taking a million tablets during that time and they were making me nauseous! I appreciate your suggestions, but I'm afraid I can't try them out right now as I'm pregnant - hence the cleanout!

  6. simonedb

    simonedb Member

    check it out,I take .3 not 3.0
    and get an effect from it
    more than that and I would be a zombie
    it hasnt been 4 months yet
    perhaps i should hang in there and give it longer, did you have any side effects or effects you didnt like at first?
    maybe part of my issue is i was using a opiate before that with pretty good luck with it in a lot of ways but decided want to see if any better way thats more curative.
  7. sophiekk

    sophiekk New Member

    No, I didn't have any side effects. I'm still feeling well after coming off it, though, so it could just be a spontaneous remission - it's hard to tell when you're trying a million different things at the same time!
  8. mylilcherub428

    mylilcherub428 New Member

    how could we exchange addresses mabe umm what it called the chat thingy sorry brain fog. but I may be interested in some-Kim

    I'd like the tetlebaum end pain


    and the multivitamin and b12

    and mabe more[This Message was Edited on 10/12/2008]
  9. gramaT

    gramaT New Member

    I am interested in the CoQ10, the yeast cleanse and the olive leaf.
    I have candida so bad I cant eat sugar or very little. nothing seems to help me and these things are soo expensive. I would really appreciate it.

    let me know how to contact you


    (Grama T)
  10. sophiekk

    sophiekk New Member

    I'm not sure of the best way to swap info - I guess if you could both post your email addresses? I'll check back on the thread and let you know as soon as I see it, so you can take them down again, and we can work it out from there. Or if you'd rather do this in chat let me know when you'll be on.

    Glad these are finding a good home!
  11. sophiekk

    sophiekk New Member

  12. mylilcherub428

    mylilcherub428 New Member

    I could leave my email up for a few but I know it it is not allowed if that does not work I will check in the chat a few times today 1230 3pm 5pm 7pm and 9 pm I live on the east side of the us if this makes a diff in time

    let me know as soon as u get it I don't wanna get in trouble

    also are these bottles open

    my mil thought this was a sketcky idea but I know u have been on here for awhile not just someone who popped on here to give away supps

    also how are you feeling while pregnant I felt great-Kim
    [This Message was Edited on 10/15/2008]
  13. sophiekk

    sophiekk New Member

    Thanks! Will be in touch.
  14. sophiekk

    sophiekk New Member

    for gramaT

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