Decreased vision and hearing????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Starr913, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. Starr913

    Starr913 New Member

    My vision has decreased; looking at my computer I notice more blurring and more frequent.

    But the thing that surprises me is that almost everything my DH and daughter say to me now, I am straining to hear as I say, "What?" over and over. They both look exasperated as they roll their eyes, take a deep breath and repeat themselves several times a day. To me, they sound muffled, almost like they are mumbling. And they seem to hear me and each other fine.

    The vision thing doesn't bother me much; I've been prescribed glasses since I was a kid, so if I need a stronger script now, no biggie. I will wait until I can get insurance again so I can get an appointment and get a new prescription. But my hearing has always been very good. It just seems surprising that suddenly I am hard-of-hearing at age 40, and it seems like it happened practically overnight.

    Is this common for people with fibro? I thought I read it as a symptom somewhere once; just double-checking. Anyone else? What? lol
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  2. sick~kitty

    sick~kitty New Member

    I don't know how common this is with Fibro. I think that with CFS, fluctuating vision isn't unheard of. Some people even maintain a few pair of glasses at different strengths. In this case, their vision isn't getting worse, just changing back and forth. A friend's husband just found out that his reduced vision is due to glaucoma. By the time he saw an opthalmologist, he'd lost most of the vision in one eye, and about 30% in the other. There are a few vision problems that deteriorate very quickly.

    I used to have hearing like that. It may have been due to a chronic low-grade sinus infection or simply swelling of the ear channels, sinuses, etc. due to constant allergy problems. Treating my allergies & sinus infections when necessary has stopped this symptom for me.
  3. Starr913

    Starr913 New Member

    Thanks for the reply! I do have allergies (the hay fever type with sneezing, sniffles and itchy eyes) and they have been "acting up" lately. I'll just keep an eye on the situation and see if it progresses or gets better. Thanks for the tip; I never thought about my allergies doing it; I've had allergies my whole life and this has never happened, but I'm sure it's possible. thanks again!
  4. dzlady

    dzlady New Member

    I have the same problems. I am 40 and the vision isnt as big a problem as my hearing is. I am constantly asking, what? Huh? And more than once. My 14 year old son gets mad at me and ends up saying, nevermind or forget it. My husband is a bit more understanding. It sounds VERY muffled.

    The vision just affects me. I have been to an opthamologist and he says my vision is fine. That my prescription is fine. I do have calcium floating behind my eyes??? Whatever that means, he says its nothing to be concerned about and should not effect my vision.

    Just wanted to let you know that you arent the only one out there with these same annoying problems.
  5. Starr913

    Starr913 New Member

    Thanks for the replies! I can't afford to go to a doc at this point.... DH and I are both unemployed and no insurance. I have recently applied for ss disability, so until that is approved, I can only go to the doc whenever I have something severe going on, like an infection or something else that can't wait. Now I am just praying it won't take forever to get approved.

    Thanks again!
  6. dzlady

    dzlady New Member

    I applied back in August or September. Denied, attorney hired, appeal says it will be a year before we will go before the judge.
  7. Starr913

    Starr913 New Member

    Yeah, I'm pretty much prepared for that, even though I have heard more reports of "fast approvals" than slow approvals and/or denials lately. I've heard that SS has really stepped-up their game in that area, but I know that it still "could" take a couple of years.

    I will probably make an appt soon at our county's free clinic to try to get something for my pain, eczema, and anxiety/depression, and find out if they can help me get hearing and vision tests. This will help add to all of my medical records anyway; more info for SS to go on.

    By the way, dzlady, your name is one of the names I recognize from when I originally joined back in 2005 (I think).... glad to see you again!


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