Deep breathing with tensing and relaxing muscle groups

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    I have suffered with FMS//CFS for nearly 30 years, and one of the best helps I have discovered, which I refused to do, every time someone brought it up, was because I couldn't believe it would help the degree of pain I was in.
    My doctor gave me relaxation tapes I couldn't relax enough to stay on the bed to hear the whole tape, but when my husband died of brain cancer, I was in such pain on every level, I tried it one night and couldn't believe the results. It only requires to lie flat on your back, I do it in bed, because I always go to sleep immediately, or during the exercise; begin by clenching your fists as tightly as you can. hold for a count of say, 10. I'm up to 25. Then tense your lower arm muscles, so on until you get to your head. Try to pull your head up until yourchin touches your chest, which you can't do, but it helpsneck pain amazingly. When I first did it, i got to about 3, then fell back, my muscles exhausted. now I can hold the count to 25 or 30. can do it. Proceed until you have covered all major muscle groups, all the while filling your stomach withas much air as possible, then blowing it out slowly as you hold the tension in your muscles. I wake many mornings depressed, feeling awful, but the exercise oxygenates my brain, and I ALWAYS feel 100% better in a matter ofminutes. please try this if you wake feeling like death warmed over. It really helps.
    Email me if you like, or have questions, and God bless everyone of us who hurt like this.
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    I do this too and have found it a great benefit-I've had the C.F.S 24 years and this is one of the things that has helped me most. I add to this completely relaxing my brain until I've stopped my's only momentarily but it really increases my energy for the day and helps clear the fog!It's supposed to create Alpha waves which we normally lack I think......
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    I did what was then called (I think) progressive relaxation exercises years ago, and you're right about it helping with sleep. (Thanks for reminding me!)

    However, at a fibromyalgia class I attended late last year, we got a sheet of exercises, and we were specifically advised *not* to do the clench-and-then-relax exercises that I had been taught. (What you describe, Carlene, actually sounds like just the clenching part. What I found helpful about the clench-and-relax progressive relaxation exercises was that most of the time, I can't tell whether my muscles are tightened or relaxed. Doing clench-and-relax helped make me more aware of my body.)

    Anyway, the instructor for the class--a PT whom I found to be pretty well informed--said that wasn't a good exercise for people with fibro because of the danger of stressing muscles that already are tender, over-stressed or painful.

    So I'm intrigued to learn tha you have found this helpful. Maybe I'll give that a try tonight. I sure could do with a good night's sleep--for a change!

    --Laura R.M.

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    As you know if you have suffered so many years, nearly everyone and everything contradicts someone else, or their experiences. I do use the relaxation of the muscles after tensing them, and I wish I could tense my muscles hard enough to hurt myself! Believe me, for any experienced sufferer, that is not a danger. What I found was that my muscles that had always been weak, had grown so weak in the over a year of spending most of my time in bed in terrible pain and grief over losing my wonderful husband to brain cancer at 56, that doing the relaxation, not only put me to sleep, but strengthened my muscles! I never expected that, but while they still keep me on meds to be able to do enough to keep living, and productive, I am much stronger, and I haven't lifted a weight a little too heavy and caused microtrauma, I haven't strained a ligament so I can't walk straight for a month. The worst is that for several days I have to use my massager (if you don't have one, you have to get one of these) my Amazing Blue Cream, with emu oil, that WORKS! and heat. I don't remember if I commented on the fact that waking in the morning depressed, which I do nearly every day, the deep breathing oxygenates my brain, forcing the trapped blood and oxygen out of my tense muscles. I can literally feel the depression leaving as I do the exercises and breathing. Carlene
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    I wish I knew! My doctor gave them to me, and they were just in blank cassette boxes. I have looked for more, but haven't been able to find any.
    Singleton email Carlene.Singleton!
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    I thought since they asked for it to log me on, it would showup somewhere, sorry. It's