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    Has anyone tried this for their FM. I went to a deep tissue massage therapist at first and at times they couldn't even touch me without me shrieking in severe pain. A friend with a bad back etc told me about a massage therapist who does deep oscillation therapy, and swore it didn't hurt. SOOOOOOOO, I figured why not, try it, I have tried a million other things that were worthless, one more things was worth a try. It did not hurt when she done it, but hours later it did, but so far the pain is manageable. I have only had one treatment, so will keep you all posted. HUGGIES Deana
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    on this therapy you are trying. I've not had this but willing to try.

    Did you have a prescription from your doc for this ? I'm wondering if insurances will cover any costs ? Please post an update if you have this again. I'm curious if you would have less pain afterwards on the 2nd massage.

    Wish you Well
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    I was not as bad as I am now when I tried it back then. My girlfriend always had her appointment before me as there was a series of them it was called rolfing. It was very painfull but after it was over I did feel better I think it gets your blood moving better and loosens the knots. I quit prior to my last two as my girlfreind said he applied pressure in her mouth and up her nose I said forget that. I could not do it now as I am progressed and I could not deal with the pain. Barely could back then. I think I have tried about everything.
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    I was getting deep tissue massage from a therapist associated with my chiropractor. It hurt so bad, I quit going! My chiro, and massage therapist directed me to another therapist who specializes in Deep Oscillation, with a Hivamat 200. She is a licensed therapist, who uses a machine on many patients with Fibromyalgia.

    "ONE THING I NEED TO EMPHASIZE THIS DOES NOT HURT AT ALL, IF FACT I ALMOST FELL ASLEEP. It is not Rolfing therapy, I’ve had that and it felt like a semi running over me."

    My chiropractor and doctor suggested I try this since I have FM, a once broken back, broken tailbone, and many other problems stemming from being hit by a drunk driver. I copied the following off the website, to clarify some things. Just look up HIVAMAT 200-deep oscillation. I wasn’t sure I could list the URL here.

    The Treatment Features; (Ignore some of the big words........retired RN here. LOL!)

    When applying DEEP OSCILLATION the tissue will be thoroughly "kneaded" by mechanical force. This effect will not even be reduced when applying minimal external pressure thus enabling the application e.g. in cases of acute trauma or pains, or in the vicinity of open wounds.

    "To me it felt like a tingling sensation with absolutely no pain at all. I almost fell asleep."

    In the area of that is massaged, the resonant vibration causes a "mixing" of the basic substance, subsequently stimulating transportation of interstitial liquids and their components (proteins, cellular disintegration products, neurotransmitters etc.). The detumescense of local edemas with aseptic inflammations is accelerated. Interstitial septa and spaces remain open to improve interstitial drainage. The restoration of the interstitial decongestion and supply will improve trophism considerably.


    The DEEP OSCILLATION helps to quickly and effectively dissolve sticky fascia and indurate tissue. Besides improving the willingness to be active, DEEP OSCILLATION has a substantial pain-soothing and detonizing effect and therefore makes the patient feel fully relaxed and comfortable.


    After the first treatment, I felt better than I had in over a year. She did tell me that within an hour, I may feel some discomfort, and be tired, and achy, which will not last as long as the other painful therapy I had. (She has had that kind too). She was right, that night; I was stiff, sore, exhausted, and slow moving. However, not like I was with the painful deep tissue massage I had been getting. I slept better than I had in months. In addition, feel it’s a necessity in my treatment plan.

    I am not sure whether insurance pays for it, just check with your doctor. I hope this has helped. I will keep yah’ all updated. Huggies Deana