Deep REM Sleep and Protein

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    I am trying to target deep REM sleep that REFRESHES and REJUVENATES, and I am noting that PROTEIN has a HUGE effect on deep sleep. The marker to when I start recovery is when I have deep refreshing sleep with lots of dreams.

    Also, cleaner bowels that are not clogged up is a huge influence. If I eat protein, and STILL don't sleep well, I have to take some things to get slower bowels moving again. Also, eating potatoes too many days in a row will mess up my sleep and cause allergies, and eating sweets or sweet fruits messes up my bowels, urination frequency and color, and deep sleep.

    These are the foods I can use to get deeper sleep.


    Beef taco
    Beef Enchilada
    Beef stew
    Pot roast from a restaurant
    Beef pot roast
    Turkey, oven roasted

    Dairy, and Poultry

    Chicken (boiled)


    Red lentils
    Beans, without sweetening and additives (not limited to these)
    S & W Kidney Beans
    Premium Dark red kidney beans
    Pinto beans
    Crockpot kidney beans

    Seeds and Nuts

    Peanut butter (AVOID IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC)
    Peanuts (shelled) (AVOID IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC)
    Sunflower seeds


    Garlic, raw
    Cabbage, green
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    just to let you know rem sleep is not deep sleep it is actually shallow based on brainwaves. it is NON rem (stage 3 and 4) or slow wave sleep that is the deepest sleep one can get and often that those with FM and ME/CFS are lacking and it is slow wave sleep that is physically restorative. Rem sleep (dream) is important more so for emotional health. I would say non rem stage 3 and 4 is most important, followed by rem, then stage 1 and 2 non rem

    Interesting to see what foods help your sleep - thanks for sharing.

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