Deepak/on anatabloc??

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    Hi, just wondering if your mother ever got the trial on this supplement and if so, any "movement" in that short 2 weeks,,,two weeks is the trial. I just read some new reviews on a site that sells it, and all are positive, I continue into my 4th month.....jam
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    Hey jamin,

    Thanks for remembering.

    The anatabloc has just arrived yesterday. Will start mom on it in a day or two - though she was asking am I sure its safe and no side effects - since you have read up a lot on it - have you come across anyone having any side effects from it ?

    What dose did you start with ?

    Thanks :)
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    Also, JAM I have got the GSE.

    Is there any precaution to take while taking the GSE ?

    I do give mom nattokinase everyday and her BP is around 120/70

    Does GSE lower BP ?

    Thanks .

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    loz three times per day, 2 under tongue at bedtime for sure....i never had side effects, a bit of constipation after 1 month or so, but I take more magnesium to handle that one...and more Vit C....I now take 8 abloc daily, gotta take enough for body your mom on the thinner side? If so, 6 should be good....learn to work with it but you only have 2 weeks worth to try....

    Grape seed ex "can" help lower BP but it hasn't with mine, and I take BP meds....I've never had any side effects with grape seed in almost 18 yrs. If a person is on a drug blood thinner, then caution with taking grape seed ex, one can't really take both...grape seed helps keep our blood thin and CLEAN and flowing.....jam
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    I am on a blog that reviews Anatabloc and a man posted today that he is on it 5 months now and posted his results which I've heard before from many.

    He talks about the swelling in feet/ankles as being about gone..

    His gum health is so improved...

    His knee from an old accident is improving.

    And he realizes he's losing weight....

    This is basically what he said in his long review....

    I have not weighed myself in a long time, don't own a scale, but I could be losing some unwanted fat too....

    I'm about 4 months on Abloc May 8...
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    review from this same blog:

    This person's dentist and hygienist were so impressed with the improvement in his gums that everyone in that office takes Anatabloc now.

    His dentist is sort of a ‘large’ guy and raves now over how much better his knees feel.

    The only way a person will know if it works for them,,,is to try molar/gum issue is still holding good for well over 3 yrs.....

    Just know if one decides to get on anatbloc and it "works" for them, it costs 27cents a tab or about $2.16 per day....well worth it for me. We're all hoping the price will eventually come down...
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    Hi Jamin, what blog was this? I'm interested in hearing about people's experiences Antabloc, but I keep running across someone who praises it and talks about what a great experience he's had with it, but then I see his disclaimer at the bottom of some of his posts, saying that he's an investor of Star Pharma, so has interest in the company. His name is John Faessel. He could be telling the God's honest trust, but I would love to hear opinions/reviews/experiences from some non-biased people.
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    Supplement-Geek is a good blog for anatabloc...a lot of investors and a lot of non-investors in Star.

    I believe it's a great product for many who CAN use it with sucess... I had 4 good months on it along with acupuncture and other stuff and it kinda is not working as good now...who knows WHY, maybe my OA is just worse, maybe I need more acupuncture, maybe maybe. maybe....I still use it and added Zyflamend to my anti inflammatory daugher is still getting good help with a collapsed tendon, she has less pain on Anatabloc....

    The only way to know, is to give it a try....I'd like to see the price come down and maybe someday it will. I'm not an investor. jam