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  1. DipseyNoodle

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    I have mentioned in some posts that I'm new to all this. Would someone define flare up? I curious if what I'm experiencing is a flare up or this is the best it gets when not in flare up. I have had days where I've cried all day because of the pain. Now I feel more of a heaviness in arms and pain in the shoulder and back. It could be worse, but it sure could be better.

    Thanks for your help,
  2. PVLady

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    Maybe flare ups are different for everyone, but for me it is the beginning of an especially bad number of days where my pain is very bad and I come to a stand still. It starts gradually and gets really bad before it gets better.
  3. Susan07

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    If the pain makes me cry and feel deep, deep despair then I feel like it's a flare. This is the first year I've actually missed days at work! Boy was that scary, thankfully I feel "better".
  4. michaele

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    I have been diagnosed with FM for 2 years. Out of those 2 years, I have been OUT of a flare up (or in remission)only a few weeks (like one week at at time) only about 10 times AND I did have a 2 month remission this past Spring. (that was GREAT!) So, I almost live in a flare. It is like the pain intensifies to the point of actually crying, no pain meds seem to work all the way, you ache all over and have some extremely tender areas, you are greatly fatigued, irritable, go from bed to recliner, and back. Hard to move much due to stiffness, your brain is in perpetual fogginess, and there is depression. I am truly frustrated on WHY I don't seem to come out of flares very often. Once in a while, it seems to let up for a couple of hours, but that's it. Everyone is a little different, but that's how mine are. When you are in a flare-------you know it.
    Good luck,
  5. IgotYou

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    For me, I have what I consider generalized flares and acute flares. I can feel good for several months at a time and then go into a generalized flare that lasts for months, and within that time have acute flares that last a couple of days, in which I have migraines, can't sleep, and the pain is more intense.

    LITEFLAMES New Member

    HI Dipsey,
    You'r Right on Target,As it has ben said ,Everyone's a bit Differn't , But What you'r explaining is a Flare ,I'v had fibro for 101/2 11yr's now,,,
    The way I explained the pain to My husband was , I'm in such pain"I Could Litterly Go In my Bedroom & God Could take me HOME,,I think we All cry the pain is so bad ,And dose last anywear from a couple of day's to a week, I hate it the most when Like this last 2 week's I went into a Flare , It lasted 4 day's, The next 4-5 day's i felt week,
    Then Bam!!! It got me againe, I can Relate to the Women who
    Life's Moor in a flare up ,Then "Not"
    And hopfullie, She'll reread my post , For the last 4 yr's
    My Fibro got So Bad , I was That women, I was in a flare moor then not every week, Id only have a few Good Day's, It was Hell, And Was sent to every Dr,My Family doc could think of to help me
    {NOTHING Helped} Anyway ,Last November , I got Plueracy
    (spelling} I was put in the hosp, Well ofcorse i went to my Family Dr. Witch has know me for 15 yr's, She couldnt beleave the shell of the person I had turned into,
    I'v alway's been the health nut,Arobic queen!!!!
    Well she hadnt seen me in abought a yr, "she said when you get better ,I want you in hear , We need to do somthing!!
    Well she put me on oxxi cotton,,I must say so you understand ,that was a Majore Shock for me ,Becuse I'm a recovering alcoholic, Witch, was the first thing she brought up,,,,,But Said , She had to do somthing that might help me & that of all her fibro people, She's only put 4 of them on it , But w/ could success,,,Well after adjusting the dosage, I have my life back, Well once early on the med , I ran out & happend to be in a flare , went & got my oxxi, W/In 20 Minutes ,The Flare was gone , Ofcorse not realy,,It was the Med's that covered it up,I told my hubby that is Great {{{{ But Very scary}}}}}Knowing that this drug was so powerfull,Anyway All's been fine , I Beleaved I was in remission, It had been 9 mths w/ out a flare ,{still
    had pains hear & Thear , But You know the diffence!!!
    Well 2 Weeks ago ,I Started filling sick , Neck head pain, Just thought I was getting a bug,,"YEA the Flare Bug"""
    I remember thinking well, I can't complaine , Its been a Long time comming!!I'm over do for one , Forgetting abought the time ,I took my oxxi And All the semtoms went away,
    Well after 2 week's of a flare ,I had to go see her,
    I figured I needed a adjustment in my dose, Well she blew my mind!!! She doubled my dose from 40 twice a day to 80 twice a day for two week's , It scared me,, I thought she must be crazy,Well that was 3 day;s ago, entill today ,I still was in pain & had the chills & sweets ,Thats alway's a part of my flares , Today I fill much , better ,
    My point I gesss is ,,I found Hope for Myself,
    The Scarey part is , Whats next, Please say a prayer for me that this drug continues, to work for me , And for anyone out thear , That doesnt know this, Right from my Dr's mouth'
    You Can sue a Dr for not , Helping you w/ you'r pain leval
    ,Never knew this not to say go sue you'r Dr's, I would never , But its good to have that knoledge{spelling,
    Gog bless use All,
    We are all such strong people to life w/ this Dam D.
  7. bibby

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    really totally pain free ever but I may go through periods of time from 1 week to 2 weeks, it never seems to be any longer than that, where I can just take tylenol for the pain and get through the day fine. When I'm in a flare my head throbs, my neck and through my upper back throb, and then sometimes some other place may throb, like one time it was my hands another it was my left arm and then another it was my left hip. It seems to be random. These periods of flare sometimes may last only a day or as long as a week. It's pretty miserable but I just try and make the most of my better days and on the bad ones baby myself. Gentle Hugs.
  8. badangel3

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    I've had FM for 5 years now and I'm in pain every single day. But a sure sign for me that I'm having a flare up is when I start with the deep muscle burn and extreme tiredness as if I'm getting a bad case of the flu. Sleeping is awful because I don't sleep. Just to roll over in bed is a night mare. I still work full time and during the flare up or *crisis* I often have mornings that I can't even stand up; just sitting on the side of the bed is effort. it's easy for me to define because I have been in crisis for a full week now and even my tears hurt. It's very hard, but I never lose faith. Thankfully it eases up after a week or two....until the next time I'm majorly stressed or push my body past my physical limits. Jackie