Definition: Homeopathic or Holistic?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Gracie65, Jul 13, 2003.

  1. Gracie65

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    Could someone tell me the difference of these two? I am thinking of seeking help for all of my symptoms from a different source. One that won't reach for a prescription pad right off. Is there any difference between these two types...thanks, Gracie65
  2. averilpam

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    holistic medicine means that the therapist treats your whole being, not just an illness. By this definition homeopathy is a holistic therapy.

    Many holistic practitioners use more than one type of therapy to treat your symptoms. They will include physical, emotional, mental etc symptoms,they won't just label you or pass judgeement on you and will try to help your whole person.

    they may offer homeopathic remedies, herbal or other remedies, or maybe physical therapies, counselling etc, depending on the practitioner. Some or all of these may help the different symptoms you have.

    good luck, try to find a practitoner through recommendation, so as to avoid 'quacks'. Sadly there are lots of these around who will take your money and not help you.

  3. Gracie65

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    there are alternatives to the standard medical practices which haven't helped me much at all. Thank you for the reply and will be careful, as you say, not to find one who isn't the real thing....Gracie65
  4. Gracie65

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    encouraged and even enthusiastic about my decision to go ahead with a holistic approach after reading the posts here. You have been fortunate in finding ethical professionals and that is what I hope to find as well.
    But I am determined to try another way rather than do nothing but hand over my money, my health and my self-respect to physicians who do nothing in return...
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    This should take into account amongst other things your diet, medication, sleep pattern, allergies, full health history and parents & grandparents health issues (to know where you are coming from genetically)

    This is the Chinese philosophy in dealing with dis-ease...

    Homeopathy treatment won`t work unless blockages are removed first in the holistic approach..