definitions of pulse and herx please

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    Hello everyone,
    I'm thinking about take a tranfer factor. In this thread the words "pulse" and "herx" are used alot. I'm gathering herx means you get sicker before you getter. I'm not figuring out "pulse" though..

    I have CFS and Herpes. Which Transfer Factor would you recommend? I'm on an anti-viral for Amantadine (sp?),, an anti-viral for the Herpes. Would I take the Transfer Factor while taking Amantadine?

    What questions do I ask of the seller of Transfor Factor? What am I looking for to show it's a quality product? I have to be thrifty about supplements.

    Thanks for your time
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    Thanks for asking about this. I was wondering the same things. I'm also trying to figure out what TransferFactor is.
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    bump I want to know too!
    Hugs Doxy
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    I'd love an answer too..I haven't gotten one ..
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    Yes, pulse means that you take the Transfer Factor every other day.

    Mikie has done a great job of explaining herxing in an earlier post. I am going to find it and bump it up for you.

    The "seller" of transfer factors is probably NOT selling a targeted TF. There are alot of general ones that do boost the immune system overall and are good. If you know what viruses that you have then it makes sense to get a TF that targets that virus.

    Prohealth sells several different ones. You can request a catalogue that I find easier to use. It has them listed and what viruses they target.

    I do not know if you can take amantadine with TF. I do know that the makers of Immune Transfer C say that you can take it with anything. There is NOT a TF for Herpes 2. There is one for EBV (onen of the herpes) and HHV6 A & B.
    It is sold by Immunity a google to find them.

    I would not be afraid of making a mistake with the TF's. I had to try two before finding one I really liked. Some people even take more than one. In the prohealth catalogue they mention the ones that Dr. Cheney has used in his clinic. It is like anything with us. We generally have to try more than one thing to find the one you like best. Generally within one month, you should be able to tell if you like it. It will make you feel better or worse. Either is actually a good sign. If you feel worse, you slow down the pace and work through it until you feel better.

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    It is stronger than an "immune response". An immune response can have alot of symptoms associated with a virus..swollen lymph nodes, headache, etc. But a herx is when the pathogens have actually been killed and it is those dead pathogens that are making you sick. It usually results is nausea/vomiting, sweating or diarrhea.

    That is a pretty simple explanation.

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    and bumped it up. It was dated April 26 and was on the third page...that board moves very fast.

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    I don't get here as often as I should.

    Herxing is short for the Herxheimer Effect. A Herx occurs when more pathogens are killed off than the body can efficiently excrete. The dead pathogens turn toxic in the body until they are expelled. The body will produce profuse sweating and diarrhea to get rid of the bugs. Both the sweat and diarrhea smell horrible, like death.

    The idea of TF's is that they train the immune system. One can stay on them indefinitely, but the protocol of at least one doc is to take the TF's for three months and then go off them except for taking them (pulsing) for a couple of days every 4-6 weeks. The TF's are like little oral vaccines and the pulsing is like booster shots.

    TF's can produce a strong immune response in the very beginning which makes one feel as though one has the flu. If the immune response is too strong, one may have to only take part of the powder in a capsule and build up slowly.

    Hope this helps.

    Love, Mikie