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  1. pirtpain

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    The index finger on my hand is starting to look deformed.
    At the end/last bone or joint of my finger hurts on top, and looks as if it is swelling. The end of the finger, (after the last bone) dips downward. It has been like this

    for awhile now but it seems that it is bothering me worse. I was tested for Osteoporosis & that was ok and nothing was ever brought up as far as any lab work looking abnormal. Is it possible to have RA even when everything else shows to be normal?? Or maybe the lab work isn't testing for it?


    2/11/06 Thanks everyone!!!This has helped so much!I forgot that I had already posted about this problem before so you
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  2. pirtpain

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    This is so weird.. I was just reading another posting with everyone talking about hurting hands. My finger is wierd
    looking too. My mom had a type of arthritis called "dupetrin contracture." I spelled it wrong, but from

    the middle of her hands knots started to form and it bent her fingers in differnt ways. The middle one bent where it looked like she was flipping someone off. Sounds funny but it is true. Nowadays the drs. can fix that if it doesn't

    get too bad. You should check with your rheumatologist. I hope that's not happening to us. Thanks for the input!!!


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  3. Jeanne-in-Canada

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    It irks me when docs act as if thier little tests have godlike powers, they don't. tests have their limits. But I have heard of enough people who definitely dont have arthritis, but do have FM that have hands or fingers that turn clawlike.

  4. Bruin63

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    I have OA, and my hands are the most Painful part of my body right now.
    I have what is called, Digital Muscous Cyst's on the fingers.

    The one on the little finger has a Huge Cyst, that sometimes swell and looks like a Blister. It hurts like, you know what, and I can hardly bend it. It started 3 years ago, and has gotten worse over the years.

    I also have 3 small ones on the Index finger, they are on the same hand, the left one.
    When I bend my fingers, the Knuckles turn WHITE and look weird, and they have a Hardness to them.

    It's not unusual, to Have these Cyst's, when you have OA, and then the FMS, being a Pain Sensitive Syndrome makes the Pain even worse.

    This is one Symptom I could live with out, since I have been writting, for awhile now.
    I just started a new class at the local college, for writting, and I already Hurt.
    E-gads, life with FMS is so much Fun, not really, never know for sure, what the problem is till you get it checked out.

    Sometimes it ain't FMS, you know.

    I have a Friend who was dx with RA and turned out she really had Lupus and she about Died, before she found the right Dr. who could figure it out.
    I wasn't dx at the time, but she thought I had RA or Lupus too, because of our Similiar Symptoms.
    So far thoes test's show I don't, so far.


    Hope your feeling better,
  5. Smiffy

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    Hi Pirt, my fingers are twisting under each other too & are very painful.Sometimes I can't use my hands. A rheumatologist said I don't have rheumatism, so it must be the fibro.
    lots of love x
  6. zielskawoman

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    Sounds like Heberden nodes to me. I started getting them when I was 38 and my mother had them too. Some people who have osteoarthritis in the fingers get these nodes. They are very painful as they develope and mine stay sore all of the time. Some information says that after they form they are no longer sore after they develope but I disagree with them.

    One thing that helps for awhile is a hot wax hand bath.

    I keep having the doctor's test for RA too but they say I don't have it. Hang in there!!
  7. JLH

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    You need to talk with your rheumy re arthritis or RA. That's what it sounds like to me.
  8. Lolalee

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    I was just commenting to my husband a little while ago about how much my hands hurt. Then I took a good look at my hands and noticed how twisted my fingers are getting.

    For a while it was just the top of my pinky finger above the top knuckle on my left hand bending downward and I can't straighten it. Now the same thing has happened on my right pinky and both pointer fingers.

    All my fingers are bent in different directions and look kind of like cigars (yeah...really attractive). Also, the veins are very noticeable and puffed up.

    I'm 56 and my hands look much older than I think they should.

    Hmmmmm...sounds like it could be an FMS thing....oh goody, something else to add to the list.