degenerative disc disease

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  1. patsie

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    how many of you also have degenerative disc problems. along with the fibro, the pain in my back gets extreme; sometimes to the point that my back is worse than the fibro. if you have disc disease, what do you do and what meds are you using? Thanks.
  2. Danielle

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    I have pretty severe ddd in 6 disc in my upper spine (2 are herniated). This is do to osteoarthritis. It's also milder in my neck and lower back. I take a half a muscle relaxer at night and a couple vicodin a day for the pain.

    They say it will eventually fuse together. It can really hurt bad at times.

  3. beeleaf

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    Neck and lumbar since my 20's. Other parts joined in later. It's hard for me to tell which problem is which sometimes. Pretty much the same defense for everything that causes pain and stiffness. NSAIDS (not sure they help, but it feels like I'm doing something), pain meds and muscle relaxers. Have to move around to try to keep joints loose, but try to not overdo. Gentle stretching and very mild exercise. Sometimes heat, sometimes ice. The tricky part is when our common dd causes us to not feel like doing anything, but the arthritic problems hurt more if we don't.
  4. caffey

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    I have herniated L4L5 with nerve damage in my lt. foot. I also have fm and ra and oa etc. I am on oxycontin. My heating pad is my best friend. I am in physio twice a week. My pt has showed me some stretches to do when it really hurts and it helps. She also told me to not sit for long periods especially in a recliner. She also said to always wear my shoes and use my cane or walker. Hope that helps a bit.
  5. Aeronsmom

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    bulging disc...don't really know what that means, wonder if any of this would be causing the extreme pain in my back????

    Love to all, Ann

  6. TKE

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    DDD in back & neck both with herniations, buldging, nerve compression.

    EMG study showed nerve & muscle deteriation in legs now & it's also showing up in my arms too. I have an apt with the neurosergon on the Nov. 15th.

    My feet go numb, I have muscles jumping non-stop in legs & arms, weak legs, hands shake, writing has become difficult, terrible headaches, etc.
  7. twitcher

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    I had a fusion last year. It set this whole thing off like a wildfire.
  8. JLH

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    DDD is arthritis, so you can imagine that most of us who are getting older also have it, too.

    I am 55 and have it all over my body. It's especially bad in my back.

    In fact, this is what shape my back is in (the problems):

    * Cervical Spine: degenerative disks, bulging disks, thecal sac effacement, bone spurs, paramedian disk herniation, moderate spinal canal stenosis, compression of exiting nerve root, severe cervical spondylosis, and facet arthropathy;

    * Thoracic Spine: bone spurs, arthritis;

    * Lumbar Spine: pinched nerve between L4-L5 & S1, degenerative disk disease, spinal canal stenosis, impingement in anterior subarachnoid space, and severe degenerative osteoarthritis of facet joints.

    The arthritis has also eaten up both knees. I will be getting two total knee replacements in the months ahead--I have to get myself in good enough physical shape to withstand the rehabiliation afterwards. Right now, I wouldn't be able to do it.

    On affected areas, I use either heat or ice to help ease the pain. I also take muscle relaxers at night, and have taken various NSAIDS.
  9. PVLady

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    My mother and brother both have this condition. My mom has a excellent pain management doctor who has tried many different drugs. It seems the combination works better than one single drug.

    My mom says the best relief was from the Duragesic patches. She was also on Lortabs, Neurontin, low dose Prednisone, Duragesic patches and Darvocette for breakthrough pain.

    At times my mom also had injections in her back. The doctors have so many drugs to help you these days.

    The trick is to find a doctor willing to work with you because it is mostly trial and error what works. Many doctors don't want to bother.

    If you are by chance located in S. California, the pain specialist is in Redondo Beach. He just keeps trying different combinations until you feel better. People actually come from all over the US to see him.

    My mom sees Dr. Rick Chavez. He is the director of pain management at Little Company of Mary Hospital in Torrance, CA. He also has a website if you do a search for "pain and addiction" and his name.

    He is a real specialist in treating pain and the most compassionate doctor I have ever met.

  10. happycanuk

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    I have this. Had back surgery over 20 years ago for a herniated disc. Had a couple of others that were degenerative. Most people have degenerative discs, and most are NEVER bothered by them. However, once they start causing trouble (from pressing on nerves) they cause great pain. That was, by far, the worst pain I have EVER!

    PT can help and so can the chiropractor. Meds don't really do much, or at least they didn't for me. I was eating them like candy and they never did deaden the pain.

    Surgery was a plus for me, as the terrible pain was gone. I have pain everyday, but it is not ANYTHING like it was. No fusion was done.
  11. angiecw71

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    I have DDD in my lower back, L5-S1. I take hydrocodone 750mg and 10mg of Flexeril 3x's a day. Although I never take it 3x's a day. I would be in a coma!!! Makes me SLEEPY AND HUNGOVER.