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    What do you think about the possibility that poeple with fibromyalgia are dehydrat?

    I drink about 9 cup of water...and you?
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    I never have a bottle of water out of my hand, BUT I wonder if our bodies absorb in wrongly. I mention this because I know a lot of us get headaches, and when I drink pedialite(pottasium salts) it eases the headache. Now dehydration can mean one loses potassium salts. So maybe the connection
    is that we lose potassium salt???

    Good post.

    Love Anne C
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    See Posting from me

    Sues1 3-31-06 "For Social Worker reference Pedilite"

    You might of read it. It really helps me. Similar to getting eye glasses for the first time and see a whole new waking up.

    I tried Wally Worlds brand and it did nothing, but Kroger one is great. Of course there is always the brand name...and Gatorade.....

    Worth trying anyhow.....
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    My reflexologist has a real thing about people drinking sufficient water - she believes that dehydration is a factor in many diseases.

    However, there is a difference - and I quote her - between drinking and absorbing. Lots of sick people are unable to absorb sufficient water, even though they are drinking it.

    She says that I should add either a little bit of sea salt - preferably celtic sea salt (because of the minerals it contains) or lemon juice to the water before drinking it and this helps the body absorb it. She also says that people should sip their water, not drink it straight down. I'm guilty of this as I just drink a whole glass down rather than sip it over time.
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    People have always commented on how much water I drink. About a year ago, I started taking fludrocortisone, which acts to help the body retain salts, and therefore water. As a result, I became able to sleep through the night without drinking and didn't have that feeling of being desperate for water all the time. Diane
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    wOW tHOSE ANSWERS WERE GREAT weren't they, there does seem to be a connection re absorbing. I have dry skin too, anyone else?

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    I drink very mild iced tea or a diet Pepsi all day. I also take a potassium suplement. I also use much salt on food.
    You are right about watching levels of those important elements.

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    As the experts say "If your thirsty your already dehydrated"

    And its true we need tons of water to flush out all the junk we if your on many meds like myself my body needs water all bottle is with me..bottles are every where around me...

    Its like anytime you see movie and tv stars, they always have a bottle of "Water" in there hand!

    Then they are always thrown in the hospital for "Dehydration and Exhaustion"...good cover story!

    Some say its vodka but some say its because they are always on the go and on drugs!

    Watch next time on tv, they always have a bottle!
    .....whats in that bottle!!!!??

    Man did I get off the subject.............LOL!