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    please see my reply to you at my recent post.
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    I found that book and a few more...I'm a Amazon junkie...I didn't mean to hi-jack your post. I just know we have many things in common.

    For my Mom it wasn't the best of showing off her family. It was going to church 8 days a week. Appearing to be the perfect Christian and telling the world her childern were demons, because it couldn't possibly be her fault.

    Please take care of yourself. I will tell you that after my mom died in 2000, I was diagnosed with savere RA and FM put in in bed for 8 weeks.

    And yes I know in my heart they are related. We tell ourselves we can deal with anything after putting up with that kind of abuse. But truth be known, are bodies react to the stresses and just can't help but react.

    Tonight I'm saying special prays for you and the others on this board who have also dealt with this. I pray for God to give us all understanding and peace.

    We must not waste time on the things we can't change. I pray we are filled with Gods love and realise he is the perfect parent. And that thought should bring a smile to our lips.

    Dear sister,we may not meet on earth but we will surely meet in Heaven. Blessings. De
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    I know we are but two of many. Sad. I think the most important thing is that we break the cycle of abuse and not inflict on our children what we suffered.

    My parents have missed out on the most important things in my life, my grand children. It is their loss.

    I think each person on this board has a story... maybe that is why we all have this disease, I don't know.

    Thank you for your response, and will you let me know if eventually you order that book and read it?