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  1. caffey

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    Hi De:
    My girlfriend kidnapped me yesterday and we went to Mennonite Country to tour the shops and to have dinner which was to die for. When we came out of the restaurant we looked up there was a bunch of geese flying south. I thought of you at that moment and wondered if they were headed your way lol. I now have 2 packets. One is chai tea and the other is Irish Creah Truffle hot chocolate. This will be good comfort drink after my errands today as it is a typical late Oct. day, dark, rainy and cool the type that gets into your bones. Anyways you are thought of today.
  2. morningsonshine

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    That was so nice, and thoughtful of you! I sure hope De reads it!
    Her Geese post was so good, enjoy, your hot chocolate, sound delic.

  3. dejovu

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    I'm so glad you are able to be out and about. That is very encouraging news.

    I live very close to the game reserve so the geese head straight for it.

    It's the same here, Oct. is uaually the start of rainy dark months. Blah..........

    So hearing from you really brighten my day, with or without sunshine.

    I have DR appt soon, so best go get ready. Enjoy your nummie drinks and will watch for your geese.

    Many blessings, De