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    I have been hurting from this since August...and I want to get to a place of peace about what happened with the prayer that I had...I love my friend, I'm afraid that this will break up our friendship...because she is fully behind this ministy, and I can't go there with her, or the group anymore.

    My pastor backs me on this...and has said to just love her and her husband...that they meant well.

    I realize that I need to be proactive in my health...I put all of my faith into this ministry, and into faith healing...and I am still sick.

    I guess the best thing that has come out of this is that I realize I need to come to Jesus. Prayer, along with doctors and taking a proactive role in my health are they way to go...I have an acceptance about my illness that I never had before...I just still hurt by what happened, and what was said.

    Thank you for seeking me out,

    God Bless you,

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    I just read this poor girl's post. I hope you don't mind me jumping in. If I have interfered I am sorry.
    Suz. I am so sorry for what has happened to you. It sounds like you have had a bad experience. I have had similar experiences and I could write a book on it. In healing everybody has an opinion. I believe there is a spiritual checklist to go through when we get sick that might be the root cause to our illnesses. Once we have done that then we do what we have to do until healing comes. Taking meds and doing whatever are not a lack of faith. In the New Testament Jesus told people that sometimes they had to do something to obtain their healing and sometimes they or their friends brought them to Jesus. Please be at peace with your illness, hang on to healing and know that Jesus will do it in His way and His time. It only takes one word from Him and touch of His hand to totally turn this around. I don't know if you have done this or not but you need to forgive the people that have hurt you. Father in Jesus Name could You please come into the midst of Suz's situation. You see how much she is hurting by what has happened to her. Please help her to forgive those who have hurt her. Please come and bring healing into her soul and spirit right now. Please take away all that pain that is there. Please bring peace and give her the assurance that she is loved by You just where she is at and for who is she. Please let Your light and life flow into those wounded areas right now so that there isn't even a scar and that this will in time become a memory. Please hold her tight and comfort her tonight. Thank you In Jesus Name Amen.
    Again De my apologies for jumping in. I hope I didn't offend you I just felt her pain and couldn't ignore it. Love ya
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    I just wrote you a long note but I think maybe God deleted it. I was a little angry with what whose people made you feel.

    So I'll start over and try to keep it in the spirit.

    God's love is an amazing thing. He knows our bodies better than we do and he knows and understands disease better than all the faith healers combined.

    He made no promise to heal us all. He did give his disiples healing powers "according to their faith" not the faith of those they were trying to heal.

    I believe you'll find that in Matthew chapter 6 or 7.

    I am so pleased you came back and I know people here will give you alot better advice than I can but I will pray for you and let you know you are welcome and accepted here and you will find a family that loves you, no matter what.

    There is NO judging here. We pray for all in the spirit of love. That is our gift from God.

    Dearest Jesus, tonight I lost my temper over the things that happened to Suz, please forgive me.

    I thankyou for letting me come to You and You always being here for me.

    Please, be with Sue and heal the hurt placed in her heart. Show her Your love and guidance.

    Your Love for us is what gives us strength and when others pray for us, let them understand that You have a plan and it is Your plan that will guide our lives.

    You have given us so many things and when the world trys to tell us that our faith is not good enough it just makes me angry.

    Please wrap Suz in Your arms tonight and as Caffy says, Lord let her know how proud you are of her. Let her feel how valuable she is to you. And don't let anyone make her feel any different. She is a much love child of God and no man can change that.

    Give her Your peace and Your Strength so that she can find a ways to deal with her friends. So that she can look them in the eyes and they see only Your love in her.

    I ask this in Your Holy Name and all faith, amen

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    I am touched by your posts...and today, I feel a little better about what happened...I know that God has his hand on me, as I get settled out about this.

    Thank you and bless you!

    I hope that I can get back to a more proactive role as an intersessor...But I really feel that it is time for me to receive (and not feel guilty about it), become stronger again in my belief (my faith really took a hit!), and be proactive in getting physically then when I am more sturdy spiritually, I will have something to give, and with stregnth in the spirit.

    God bless you,

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    Can I ask a couple of quick questions?

    Does this group try and seperate it's members from their family and friends, saying they are what is keeping you from total faith and healing?

    Do they want you to only socialize with other members?

    What do they say about religions (sp?.brain fog) and are they accepting of them?

    Just curious, hope you don't mind me asking.

    I will continue to pray for you Suz, asking Jesus to guide you. Please take care and remember Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Light.

    Blessings, De

    Ps. Hope to hear from you soon. And I do believe in "blind faith" but only in Jesus, God the Father and the Holy Spirit. NEVER IN MAN! no matter who they claim to be.

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    You are right. This is a season for you. Just rest and let God minister to you. This will take some time. Don't worry about being in intercession, there are lots of other people interceding. You also are right don't feel guilty. It is hard when others you love are involved and you want to help. Unfortunately they are blinded and can't hear what you are saying and anything you say they will think you are the enemy. Just stay low and quiet and when the time is right God will tell you and you can help her. Take it from one who has been there. One thing that helped with my healing journey was knowing that the bottom line despite their actions was that they did this out of love for you. Take care. You are going to be allright but not today. Keep us posted.
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    This group does not try to separate it's members from their families...but they do feel they have a "key or formula" to healing...and they back it up by going thru passages in the old testament.

    My question is why do we need to do all of this stuff from the old covenant, if Jesus died on the cross for ALL of us? It is like other groups in history like the Gnostics, who say "we have a pipeline to God, just do xyz."

    The danger in that is kind of what I went thru...My pastor said to keep my faith in Jesus simple..we all can go to Him for what we need.

    The Group encourage folks to get together to pray for the ministry, and for financial blessings to all of the groups around the world.

    They believe in a more fundamental Christianity...I have been more, how to I put it, inclusive Christian (meaning show the love of Christ to all, and not judge where they are at) I had trouble with how rigid their belief was...They say not to be legalistic...but that is how they felt to me, their teaching.

    For example, they told me that 95% of women they have encountered in their ministry w/fibro come from childhoods where there was no spiritual cover, and marriages with no spiritual cover...

    Being brought up Lutheran, and feeling God as a small child, and now having a husband who doesn't believe...That didn't make me feel good...My parents did the best they could (my mom brought me to Sunday school) and I now bring my kids to Sunday school when I can...It just felt like a discounting of me and my life, because I had "no spiritual cover" (father or husband) so that is why I have Fibro?

    They believe all other religions are false, I think they also discount more liberal churches as not being right with God...

    Isn't the choice for my husband to believe in God/Jesus/ Christianity between God and him? There was tremendous pressure to "be the right win him to Jesus" that it was actually getting in the way of our relationship...Also, even though I wasn't "covered" by my husband...there was much stress on me to make sure the children were going to church...

    I love my friend, and I care about some of the folks in this ministry, I do believe they did it out of love.

    The funny thing about all of this is...I have finally come to accept myself right where I am...and I believe this is where the healing can finally start...the REAL healing of my spirit and soul, as well as my body...Not in judging, or good works, or some formula...but by acceptance...and knowing no matter if no one else shows me love...God loves me, and that can HEAL my spirit.

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    Me jumping in again. I can feel your pain and I wish I could sit and hold you talk in person.
    There are so many things wrong with this group. My first concern is that you feel guilty talking about it. That is one of the first signs of church or spiritual abuse. That is the way it is in physical abuse situations don't talk. That is soo wrong. You need to talk about it and for as long as it takes to get it out of your system. The fact that this group meets outside the church (probably without the Pastors permission) is another bad sign. Being elite that they are right and everyone else is wrong is another sign of spiritual abuse.Eph.2:8-9 tells us we are saved by faith and not works. When Jesus died He did away the works of the Law and trying to please Him by trusting the Law. If your husband isn't supporting you and you are involved in a local church then your Pastor becomes your covering. That is absolute nonsense what they are saying about fibro. I would like to know what their Scriptural premise is for all this nonsense. You sound like you have a great foundation and they have tried to take them from you. Hang in there and remember that Jesus loves you so much and He is not mad at you, He has not abandoned you. I would suggest that you start to journal about what happened and then seek some counselling from your Pastor or someone he trusts. We all believe in healing and if you read in the New Testament there were many different ways Jesus healed people. Just remember Jesus died to set us from rules, regulations and formuals. Unless it says in the Bible do these things and you will be healed don't by it. Listen to God and trust your instincts. You are not a failure. Can I ask a question. Do you know about soul ties? I apologize for jumping in on your post I didn't want you to feel abandoned. I am sure De will be posting soon and will help you further. The Word of the Lord for you tonight is Peace Be Still. I love you with an everlasting love. Nothing will ever change My love for you. Eph.3:14-21 This will take time but you will be ok. I have been there so I know what you have gone through. This is spiritual abuse which borders on cult. Are these people affliated with your church? If there are why doesn't your Pastor shut them down. Take care. De I am sorry I jumped in again. I just couldn't ignore her.

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    Make sure that you do that. It is needed so that you can close the door and move on.