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  1. caffey

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    Father could You please come and help De today. Please give her the strength to do the things that need to be done today. Please ease her pain and discomfort. Please help her to know this day how much she is loved by You and us here. Please hold her close to Yourself and protect her mind from any wandering thoughts. Thank you in Jesus Name Amen.
    I am concerned about you. I hope you are ok. If I can do anything please let me know. You loved very much and are very special. Keep in touch.
  2. dejovu

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    Caff, thankyou, I would ask you to pray for me but what I would have ask for, you have already done. Bless you my sister. I must get going but please know you are in my thoughts and prayers. De
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    I've been looking for you!

    Sending you love and prayers, i hope your body stablizes soon.

  4. caffey

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    Good to hear from you. Please keep in touch as you are able. If you want to babble let me know and we can meet in the chat room. You are not alone. We are all here for you. Withdrawal from meds is awful. What is the drug you are coming off of? I haven't heard of it. How long does the withdrawal last? Please Lord let it end soon.
  5. dejovu

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    It is called Cymbalta and they use it alot with FM. It is a very strong antidepressent but it was given to me to help control pain.

    Have you started to spend anytime on the FM board? I read there quite a bit. And after hearing what some have gone thru.....I should just be praising God.

    He has kept so much of that away from me.De
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    I am looking at it. It is such a busy board. I feel overwhelmed. I feel like I don't fit in. I mean physically. I don't feel like a lot of people do or maybe I do feel like that and I just think it is normal. Still having a hard time accepting it. I don't know how you get to that place. My body is really tired right now and so I am trying to pick and choose what posts I respond to. I hope nobody gets upset. My girlfriend sent me this e-card of a sunset on a beach and in the background My Jesus I love Thee is playing. That is my favorite hymn. Because I can't get to a beach I just sit there and veg. I said it looks like Honduras and Sue said no South Africa. Take care.