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    Here is the Krebs Cycle Testing you asked about. Didn't know if you'd see my other post, so here it is, special delivery.

    Tests for Mitrochondrial function 05/03/05 08:04 AM

    and Krebs Cycle was done by Great Smokies Diagnostic Labs. They are easy to find online. This was part of the Cellular Energy Profile I believe. I had these done back in 2001 so hard to remember, but I just contacted them and they pulled my account up. Also had Toxic Element Clearance Profile, Food Antibody, Oxidative Stress Analysis, Elemental Analysis Packed Erthrocytes. I know I also had an Amino Acid Profile done that didn't show up on the list I got from him over the phone just now.

    These tests were ordered by Dr. Dennis Gersten (now goes by Dr. David Gersten) He is an M.D., a Neurologist, and Psychiatrist. He is in California, I am in New York. Worked with him by phone. I have yacked him up several times on the boards here. You might find some of my blurbs about him if you do a search under my name.

    You can also contact Great Smokies and ask them for a list of Doctors utilizing their tests. Then choose from the list in your State/area. Good luck

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    thought you could use a bump to the first page
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    Thanks for taking the time to post it.
    Much appreciated.
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    (i asked this question on another thread too) but did yr insurance cover the testing?

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