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    My server was having problems and I haven't been able to connect to this website since last Wednesday. I'm so sorry not to have responded to you.

    I went to Dr. Teitelbaum once for a 5 hour consultation. Since he's only 30 minutes from me that played a factor too. I used his course of vitamins and prescription sleep drugs and so on for 8 months. I twice called his office to speak with his assistant to talk about dosage. It is mainly the patients responsibility in the end to try to discover the right combination of pills. I was on 40 pills a day of some sort. I waited and waited for a response to the meds, but really had none. That was over 5 years ago so I'm not even sure of all the things I took at this point. I do know that I had the same ups and downs on the meds as without them. I think for me after 10 years of all of this I'm coming to the conclusion that there is no "real" help, doctors who are energetic and healthy as a whole really can't empathize with you no matter how nice they are, and research is going to have to kick into high gear on these illnesses. The only reason I'm looking into doctors again is because I need help and doctors reports to get Social Security Disability. It's just maddening. I'm not even sure I can go through with it. My biggest sensitivity is being though a hypocondriac or a liar or that I'm just overweight and making up illnesses that are related to that. To have a couple years dealing with convincing the government that I'm none of the above should be loads of fun. But, with 3 babies and bills and me not being able to work, plus needing to hire help to manage taking care of my triplets leaves us in the hole. I would gladly go back to work if I could, but who will believe me? As I said, we'll see if I can actually go through with this.

    Who is the doctor in NC again? I live in Maryland and if he really works I would consider driving that far if I can.

    Again, sorry about not replying sooner.

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    I went to see Dr Charles Lapp at the Hunter Hopkins Center in Charlotte, N.Carolina.

    But he doesn't have a magic bag of tricks. I have CFS and his protocol is pretty much what is out there..manage the sleep disorder with sleep meds, use supplements to boost energy and stamina and respect yr limitations.

    I'm on 50mg of trazodone plus 0.5 mg of Klonopin for sleep.
    100mg of Zoloft for better blood flow to the brain.

    Supplements: NADH/Enada and Vit B12 IV shots for energy and stamina and mega doses of Omega oils (I order sthg called VegEPA from England ....)

    Lots of fluids and salt for better blood flow and very graded exercise.

    He charges about $330 an hour and does not take any insurance. Tests are usually covered if u have insurance.

    Hope this helps

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