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    Your word sustains me, oh Lord, i shall praise your name!

    Ps. 143

    Hear my prayer, O Lord,
    Give ear to my supplication!
    Answer me in Thy faithfulness,
    in Thy righteousness!
    And do not enter into judgment
    with Thy servant,
    For in Thy sight no man living
    is righeous.
    For the enemy has persecuted
    my soul;
    He has crushed my life to the
    He has made me dwell in
    dark places, like those who
    have long been dead.
    Therefore my spirit is overwhelmed
    within me;
    My heart is appalled within me.

    I remember the days of old;
    I meditate on all Thy doings;
    I muse on the work of Thy hands.
    I stretch out my hands to
    My soul longs for Thee, as a
    parched land. Selah

    Answer me quickly, O Lord,
    my spirit fails;
    Do not hide Thy face from
    Lest I become like those who
    go down to the pit.
    Let me hear Thy lovingkind-
    ness in the morning;
    For I trust in Thee;
    Teach me the way in which
    i should walk;
    For to The I lift up my soul.
    Deliver me, O Lord, from my
    I take refuge in Thee.

    Teach me to do Thy will,
    For Thou art my God;
    Let Thy good spirit lead me
    on level ground.
    For the sake of Thy name, O
    Lord, revive me.
    In Thy righteousness bring
    my soul out of touble.
    And in Thy lovingkindness
    cut off my enemies,
    And destroy all those who afflict
    my soul;
    For I am The servant.

    As i feel overwhelmed and darkness surround me, Your word reminds me, the darkness is not dark to Thee.

    I am Thy servant, but i feel like a very poor servant at that. Please forgive me Lord, renew my heart with in me.

    Make a way where i see none. Bring hope, where i see hopelessness, and joy where there is sorrow in my heart. Strengh were there is weakness. Your word is life, please remove this heavy pallor from me in Jesus's name. Forgive me for what i find in my heart, cleanse me, my Lord. Work in my life to bring glory to your name. May your name be praised>

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    You posted on the chitchat board and used my name by mistake. So I thought I would write to you. You did make it clear on that board that you are in a tough spot. I will pray for you.

    I have missed seeing your posts and was concerned about you. I pray that God will lift your spirits today and show you a way out of your black box. It is not a good place to be!

    Acknowledge the Lord in all thy ways, and He shall direct they paths.

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    Nancy, bandwoman, that post was for you, and Doxy. I read your reply to her and it touched my heart.

    I feel like i should say more to each of you, but it's not there right now.

    Thanks, and God Bless,
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    Sorry I have been away from the boards and have missed your posting. I have said this prayer that you posted for you and will put you to the top of my listed hun. Lord remove the dark clouds from around Misty and let your light shine upon her once again. Please do let us know when you start seeing the rays of our Lord's love upon you and your family.

    Soft hugs,