DeMeirleir Confirms WPI/NIH/FDA Findings Europe

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    Dr De Meirleir confirms WPI and FDA/NIH studies! Short article in french, saying that the results will be confirmed at the XMRV workshop.

    Découverte: un nouveau virus pourrait causer la fatigue chronique -- RTL info

    TRANSLATION from FRENCH (poor at best)

    Discovered: a new virus could cause chronic tiredness

    Researchers of Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and Belgian Society of Biotechnology " R.E.D. Laboratories" managed to identify a new retrovirus among patients suffering from the syndrome of chronic tiredness, announced Tuesday the VUB in an official statement. These results corroborate a recent American discovery. American researchers of l' University of Nevada had discovered, in October 2009, that the majority of the patients suffering from the chronic syndrome of tiredness were carrying d' a new retrovirus XMRV. Before l' Belgian study, these American conclusions had already been confirmed by Harvard Medical School and l' National institute of health (National Institute off Health). The research undertaken under the direction of Professor De Meirleir (VUB) constitutes an innovation because the virus was discovered among sick patients resulting from all l' Europe. In addition, this immunological signature is comparable with that d' a patient reached of the AIDS. This new discovery will be presented on September 7 next at the time d' a workshop of l' National Institute of Health in Washington.

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    Ok. Kenny De Meirleir indentified XMRV in many patients. Does he prescribe any antiviral medications?

    I am not happy to know for cca 2700,- EUR (XMRV PCR plus HHV/, EBV, immune tests etc.) that I am sick.

    What is his recent treatment regime. The older (without antivirals) did not work in my case. Medical mushrooms (he likes it: like Cordyceps) do not help.
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    Thanks for posting, and for the translation!

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    That's amazing, Elisa! This is really an international thing, isn't it. Thanks so much for sharing! :) Hope you are having a decent day (((((hugs)))))
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    Little by little by will win!

    That should hush up that lady, whatshername? McClure?

    "No X in the UK" she said...

    Well, Kenny-boy is sure close by, LOL!


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